Something Good: Floriditas

I went for brunch at Floriditas this week and it just reconfirmed everything I love about this classy little café. It’s not normally my style to review something but I figured the purpose of this blog is to experiment (or to drive myself crazy trying to write things that I usually wouldn’t) so here is  my take on my favourite place to eat in my very favourite city.

The Vibe: Simple, elegant and comfortable, yet still manages to retain that cool city vibe that every eatery on Cuba street exudes. It’s peaceful -and so, so good.

The Aesthetic: Light, bright and clean. Perfect for a lunch date or your mums birthday brunch. Heaven if you’re a poor student looking for some reprieve from your own cooking.

The Menu: Simple, seasonal and so, so nice (cop out alliteration). The day menu is centred around egg dishes and it’s for good reason. My mum is the queen of a perfect poached egg but the golden yolks of Floriditas comes a very close second.

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The Price: It’s not going to break your bank but it probably isn’t your go-to if you’re on a student budget either. Compared to similar cafes in the city, brunch falls to the more affordable side and if you’re looking for a nice meal it’s worth the splurge.

Our Experience: Was so nice. Our waitress was friendly and helpful. Our flat whites (Coffee Supreme) were strong, well made and a blessing after many cups of the watery stuff they give you in Auckland. I ordered the fish hash with a side of hollandaise and it was awesome. My dates, M & I were equally happy with their scrambled eggs – though again we did notice that eggs are the centre and star of the plate. The bacon and salmon they got was delicious and well cooked but it wasn’t spectacular. We had a hot chocolate and cupcake  while we finished chatting and despite the filling tables never felt rushed to leave.

I Love It: 
Because it’s pretty. Which sounds stupid but it’s true – It’s a nice place to sit, the food you’re eating looks and tastes good. You can choose to have a view of Cuba Street which is almost my favourite place in the world. It’s friendly but also very professional, quiet and peaceful which to me is so important.

All the people in this city are so good and supporting them, their businesses and their staff is always worth it. We realised  later that we know someone working in the kitchen. He’s such a cool human and cooks a wicked breakfast. The community vibe is such a Wellington thing and that’s another part of what makes Floriditas such a cool place to visit and sets it above other flashier establishments.

Find it: 161 Cuba St, Te Aro, Wellington.


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