The Signs as I Know Them

a nothing post inspired by this because writing big posts is difficult and writing little bitty things feels like a holiday. 

Aquarius: The ocean. Heavy bass that vibrates through you when you close your eyes. Driving at night with the windows down and the wind rushing past. A glass of red wine. Kissing. Sunshine falling on your face through a crack in the curtain. An ache in your stomach from laughing too hard.

Pisces: Singing in the car. Freshly picked flowers from your garden. Making a joke when things get too serious. The cool of the sea spray on your face when you’re on a boat. Eating ice cream until you feel sick. Frightened of being wrong. A cardboard box of homegrown vegetables. Humidity.

Aries: Speeding down the motorway with the radio blasting and your friends in the backseat. Running wild through a grass field. Fresh hot chilli. Hugging your pet. Passionate screaming matches over little mistakes. Collapsing breathless and victorious onto the ground after winning a race. A good eye for fashion.

Taurus: Loud laughter. Glittery eye shadow smudged all over your face. Stir fried noodles. The swoopy feeling you get in your stomach when you’re jumping off a diving board. Cheese melting. Angry crying in the middle of the street at 2am. The way the truth rolls off your tongue when you’re in the dark.

Gemini: Gold coloured ink. Clean white linen on a freshly made bed. Plucking lazily at guitar strings. Licking fast at a melting ice block. The satisfaction of pushing the last piece into a puzzle. Losing your head over little details. A handful of jangling coins in your pocket. Falling asleep in the car on the way home.

Cancer: Messy hair. Sleepy eyes in the morning. Hot chocolate burning your tongue. Going for a walk in the rain with a friend. Marshmallows melting sticky and sweet on a bonfire.  Burnt popcorn. The warmth of the steam from a hot shower. Crying into your pillow. A pink sunrise.

Leo: Labrador puppies. Hot sand burning your feet at the beach. Sipping neon coloured ice slushies through a straw. A rainbow coloured scarf. Watching Disney movies in your pyjamas. Crying on the phone when things get too much. Using hundreds of emojis in your text messages. Golden hoop earrings.

Virgo: Walking at night when the air is warm and smells like flowers. Dark green and red. Neatly chopped vegetables in a stirfry. Freshly painted nails. Arranging things in order. A strong cup of coffee nearly burning your tongue. Lying on the floor crying with laughter. Shoes with sparkles on them. Maths.

Libra: A ripe avocado. Singing loudly out of tune on your way home. A badly taken selfie. Making a home run in a game of backyard cricket. Laughing with your family at the dinner table. Generous and eager to please. Making up stories about the crazy shapes you see in the clouds.

Scorpio: The first sunburn of summer. Running so fast the wind stings your cheeks. Freshly baked cupcakes. Wishing on the first star. Bright green and pink and blue. The nervous, tingly feeling when you hold someone’s hand for the first time. Avoiding the question. Spinning in circles in a pretty dress until the world blurs.

Sagittarius: An easel covered in paint. Dancing in the middle of the street to your favourite song. A perfect poached egg with the yolk running out. An afternoon nap. Brutal honesty. Insistent on building something from scratch. Sweaty hugs after a sports game. The overflowing fizz of your beer when you open it.

Capricorn: Early morning runs. A newly paved road. Walking barefoot over gravel until it patterns your skin. An old pair of jeans. A protein shake in the morning. Running into the arms of your best friend. The burning taste of salt in your mouth as you dive into an ocean wave. Sitting quietly. Dark blue.



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  1. C Lunch says:

    i feel so warm after reading this x

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  2. Tikeetha T says:

    I love this. Beautiful post.

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  3. Even though I’m a Libra, after reading this I want to be a Scorpio 😉

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