On: Not Keeping My Resolution to Keep a Blog (not worth reading)

Ah shit.

“I am great at keeping resolutions I will post on my blog frequently and it will be a great time.” – Past me who is a liar and kind of a dick.

To be fair I was waiting for something to write which didn’t really work out. Apparently if you want a great (sub-par but relevant to life) story you must seek it out- who knew?

An update:

Things that happened in my last week of half sem: I started an assignment a week early and still took two all-nighters to finish it. Decided to get an iced coffee and instead bought expensive COFFEE-FLAVOURED MILK which contained fuck all caffeine and did nothing to keep me awake. I then fell asleep in law. We had a flat pizza night and sung enthusiastically at one another and at the T.V. and at the pizza deliveryman. It rained. I had a milo and grilled cheese on toast and felt like a five year old again. We cooked pancakes and played obnoxiously loud jazz music. There was a party whose guests ranged from Wellingtons finest to lawyers in their late twenties all dressed in ode to the ugliest decade (2000’s what up) and it was hilarious. I replaced the batteries for my fairy lights and thought I was a hero. We sung the national anthem in our pyjamas on the side of the street. The upstairs cats took up residence in our lounge. It stopped raining.

Things that happened in the one day I have been home: I got lost in the new Wellington airport. My cat purred adorably at me and then subsequently tried to bite off my nose. I walked to town and remembered that I am the sappiest human being ever because every time I come home I walk around the biggest smile on my face. My outfit, which fit in very well in monochrome Auckland, was out of place in Cuba Street. Literally everyone in town looked like a super model -this city is too attractive it’s ridiculous. I got 7 pieces of good quality sushi for $5 thanks to my favourite rule ‘half –price after 3.’ I topped up my snapper card. I visited a friend which actually meant taking up permanent residence on his couch while he went out and did a massage course. During the time he was out approximately fourteen people came to visit him and ended up just sitting down for a chat. Apparently if you want to see everyone you know that couch was the place to be. I saw a real familiar view and drowned in nostalgia for a bit. E cooked me dinner what an angel. Combined taxis continued to be my hero. I wore socks and a jersey to bed.

I am thinking of something better to write I promise!!

See you in (hopefully) two weeks!


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  1. Hehe…you’re still doing a better job at keeping a blog than what I am, and your life sounds super-duper full of little excitements around every corner 🙂

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    1. lovefromzar says:

      ❤ ❤ ❤ you are a sunshine. (also as much as i love it, writing is a mission i am glad someone else agrees!!)


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