On: Being Recognisable (thoughts from the bus)

Today I turned around in my lecture to hand a fallen piece of paper back to a girl with a familiar face.

I recognised her instantly. She’s the sweet, brown haired girl who works with my friend; I’ve heard her name, I’ve seen her Facebook and I know far more stories about her than she knows about me. Actually before a few hours ago I’m not sure she knew that I existed – but today for a moment she did, not as me but as the girl in the green jacket who turned around and handed her back her fallen piece of paper.

And it made me think of the hundreds of people we interact with every day and how many of them don’t remember our faces but also how many of them, who although anonymous to us, do.

Because to the girl sitting behind me I really was just the girl sitting in front wearing a green jacket. After a few minutes she would be distracted and later she wouldn’t remember my face. She doesn’t know me and so there is nothing in the world that would remind her of who I am. If unbeknownst to her she stumbled into one of my friends, or into a place I visit often she would still not think of me. I was a fleeting moment in her day. So she wouldn’t expect, or at least I don’t think she would, that I would continue to think of her after I left the lecture. That I would be writing about her on this blog.

There are people I see around, lots of them, who I recognise. I’ve never met them, I haven’t even been in the same room as many of them. I recognise them from social media, or because I always pass them on my way to class or because they’re a friend of a friend of a friend. People who I’m always pleased to see because they’re unfamiliar in a familiar way.

And I guess it’s all in that age-old idea that everyone is a person. That brilliant concept that we all know and yet continue to ignore -because it is hard to think of a person being a person if we don’t remember them. It is almost impossible to think of someone thinking of you if you don’t think of them.

That sentence is so simple it is probably unnecessary but I also think it’s true.
It’s easy not to consider someone when you are in a rush, or on your way to class. It’s very easy to look through people or be dismissive or to not be helpful or kind just for a second because you don’t register the person you are talking to, because they’re not someone you know or anyone you ever intend to know – but you have to consider that they might know you.

A lot of the time most of us feel invisible, but sometime we’re not. Sometimes people look at us and they’re actually seeing us. When the crowds are like a tornado around you, just think that to someone you may be the eye of the storm. I really have no idea where I was going with this thought. Just be kind maybe, or at least be real and be proud.

Stay good xoxo
(this is me catching up on blog posts)


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