Travelling to: Vietnam (holiday 2015)


Last summer I was lucky enough to travel to Vietnam for a family holiday. Myself, my mum, step dad and step brother spent three weeks exploring everything that colourful little country had to offer. I found some of the pictures I had taken and thought I would chuck them up on here.

IMG_2521.jpgHighlight: For me, the week in Hoi An was my favourite time of the entire trip. The town is this colourful space of narrow lanes lined with these crazy, tiny shops. It was right on the river so you could access boat rides and tours and it was filled with amazing temples and historical areas you could purchase tickets to visit at your own leisure. IMG_4621.jpgEvery night for the few hours the markets were on, the streets closed to motor vehicles so you could walk around freely which was so nice! We were also biking distance from some beautiful swimming beaches and within the vicinity of marble mountain and other beautiful temples.

Also just in terms of travel comfort we had really great accommodation at Little Hoian Boutique Hotel & Spa. We also were able to find a lot of good food there, our favourites were: Smoothies and sandwiches from Cocobox and the delicious and more authentic food at Madam V’s Morning glory.


Lowlight: We had one awful guided tour. It took the enjoyment out of what would otherwise have been a really beautiful day and was absolutely exhausting. Tours can be a really great way to learn more about the area but if they’re not worth it than you’re probably better off exploring places by yourself.

Also our boat temporarily got taken hostage, which was kind of terrifying but also one of my favourite stories. All’s well that ends well right?
IMG_2225.jpg    IMG_4630.jpg

Prepare For: Unexpected cold – especially in the North. Southeast Asia is generally pretty tropical but the first few weeks were pretty chilly and wet. Pack for all weathers!

Also crossing the road is a mission so good luck.

IMG_2206 (2).jpg

Definitely Do: 
Go bike riding in Hoi An. We also went on a ‘coconut boat and crab fishing’ tour, which was so insane? And stunningly beautiful.

Walk around and explore. If you can push yourself out of bed to get down to the lake in Hanoi before the traffic (so about 5 am) and go for a walk around it. I got that advice from a friend and it was good.

Also have fun; sometimes give in to being a tourist and go a bit mad. We spent a whole day at Vin Pearl theme park and it was hilarious. The water slides were massive and terrifying and it had this cool rollercoaster that you controlled yourself. We went for breakfast at the Nga Trang intercontinental hotel and it was incredible, there was food from all areas of the world and bees making honey on the table, it was like nothing you would ever see in New Zealand, and so much fun.


Definitely Don’t: 
Forget to do your research. For every good place to eat there is an equal amount of bad places. Know where the best markets are and plan a few good eateries just so you can ensure some delicious meals. That being said, we found some really cool cafes and local food places just wandering around on foot (remember if its full of locals than chances are its good). IMG_5208.jpg

 It’s definitely not a super relaxed or cruisey environment. If you’re looking for those looser, peaceful adventures than there are some better destinations in neighbouring countries. Vietnam has incredibly beautiful sites but I would definitely recommend researching and picking out activities and places to go rather than wandering around hoping for the best.

I’ll be honest and say that it wasn’t my favourite place to visit but I saw some beautiful things and overall it’s a pretty cool scene to check out at least once in a lifetime.

We have a video of clips from our trip also which I will link here:

Thats all from me today!  catch you v soon so i can fit in a fourth post. (June has gone way too fast am i right?) xx


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  1. Dominic Wright says:

    This was great! What other countries have you visited?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lovefromzar says:

      oh yo thank you so much!! In recent(ish) years Thailand, Australia and China though I was lucky enough to go on a family trip to Fiji as a little kid! Thailand was definitely my top pick out of the five.


  2. Greta says:

    I loved Hoi An as well, such a cool city! All your pictures made me feel a bit nostalgic, I literally left a part of my heart in Asia. And the food!! Aww..
    Thanks for awaking some good memories!
    Have a great day,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lovefromzar says:

      The food is unbelievable you are so right!! Thank you so much, the pictures on your blog are beautiful!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Greta says:

        Aww thank you so much!!


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