Places I’ve Been

I have been to a few (two lol) random places in Auckland recently so I thought I would chuck up some pictures. Admittedly I also just haven’t written a proper post so this is all I had for you, sorry and much love xo

Anawhata Beach

IMG_9056 (1).jpg


It’s a pretty long drive down a crazy gravel road. The morning was kind of foggy and (tragically) I had been reading horror stories the night before so I was whizzing out but it’s not too bad of a trip.

IMG_9428.jpg               IMG_9013.jpg

It’s a bit curvy and there are fair few potholes to dodge but once you make it past all the houses and trees you break out to the top of a hill and there is such a good ocean view! It is genuinely such a stunning piece of coast. Once you find the car park it’s a 15-25 minute walk down through the bush before you reach the beach.IMG_9085.jpg



Standing on the wide stretch of sand surrounded by towering cliffs is pretty surreal. The whole place feels very isolated from the rest of the world and is so, so quiet. There are some exciting rocks to climb and things to see and it’s a cool place to just escape for a while.IMG_9029.jpg

It was a crazy vibe though, almost unnerving in how it was so much silent than anything else in the city – but I love a beach day and when we left I was the good post-beach combination of slightly tired, slightly sun-burnt, slightly ready to take on the world or alternatively an ice cream.

Advice: Take snacks!!


Hunua Falls


I thought this was closer to the city but its also in the middle of nowhere – somewhere out past Papakura. It was a pretty nice drive and the falls are only a five-minute walk from the car park which was convenient because I was still a bit under the weather with the flu. Also a reasonable distance for young children to walk. There are some decent photo opportunities, cute ducklings (season dependent) and I think there are some pretty bush walks to do about the area if you are feeling active and healthy.

Also you can go swimming but the life preservers and warning signs around the pool made it seem a bit uninviting. But hey, adventure is adventure! Dive in! Safely! With a friend!

If you know of any other dapper places around Auckland city let me know!!

LoveFromZar xx


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  1. Tessa says:

    Hi Zar! I really enjoyed this blog post, the pictures are lovely! A dapper place I have been to is the Mt Eden quarry gardens, they’re lovely!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lovefromzar says:

      Wow! Dapper!


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