Introducing: My Best Friends

My friends: Brilliant, hilarious, beautiful. We are stupid; in our humour, in our stories and in our love for each other.

At fourteen we were dorky babies; small groups held together by a few charismatic individuals but over the years we have grown up and grown in. They are my favourites, my family, my biggest loves.

This post is partially for those who read this because who knows who my friends are? Me but not you. We’re getting older, have started shipping out and don’t really operate as a group so much anymore. I don’t think many people who know us in our day to day lives know how deep our sense of belonging still runs.

I want to show them off because they’re cool and pretty and I’m so proud of them (honestly they are one of my favourite things to write about). I think they have good insight into life and realistic advice on what friendship is when you have grow up and stop seeing each other every day. life 2014 177.jpg

But mostly I want to write this for them for to say hey, I love you, thanks for being the best (also self-involved enough to be the only people to read this post lol).I wouldn’t be me without you – and seeing as this is my blog, it was never going to be complete until I had you on here. 

I’m me! I love my friends a lot – so much that I’ve written my one in a hundred series (one person described in 100 words wild)(no one understood that concept) on them!!

Ribbet collage.jpg

Age: 20

Things that describe me: unbrushed hair, fresh cut flowers, sudden rainstorms, diary entries in messy felt tip pen, vitamin c powder, the most excited for birthdays ever!

Role in Group: Bad Helicopter Mum IMG_3951.jpg

Favourite Friend Memory: Maybe last year when Lily came to visit we had a picnic in our common room at uni hall. We all just started dancing and it was the middle of the day and we were going crazy just spinning around the room. I just remember being so proud because it was the first time we’d been together in the hall and it was like yes! Everybody look! These are my friends, this is who we are, this is what we do. Sometimes I don’t think people truly understand me until they see me with them.

Something I like about our friends: Everyone is really good at loving each other. Also  we’ve known each other for so long and it’s so satisfying to watch everyone settling in to who they are. I have so much warmth and pride always because I know how long it took them to get to where they are, how hard they worked, how much they deserve all the good things.


Caitlin is og. She is vibrant and personable and ridiculous. She creates beautiful things. Probably we are her worst crowd because we are not artistic, but we are her best crowd in that we love her the hardest.

Ribbet collage.jpg

Name: Caitlin

Age: 19

Things that describe you:  yellow, popping yolks, breakfast in bed, salty, 1970s deckchair, buttery popcorn,  oxymorons

Role in Group: does the dishes.IMG_3905.jpg

Fav Friend Memory: When we all wore matching clothes to school. the photo of us piled on top of each other, giggling in the sunlight in our denim dome dungarees

Something you like about our friends: they don’t have to like u for any reason they just  like u for u- being friends is all we know. Its unconditional.


Katherine is a honey and a delight. She is so brilliant and loving and intelligent that the rest of us freak out all the time because wtf is she amazing! Once she cooked plastic in the oven though. We love her for every part.

Ribbet collage.jpg

Age: 19 but almost 20

Things that describe you: Sock tans, feta cheese, pile of books by bed, sandy feet, daydreaming, sweet crunchy apples, morning dew, half finished crosswords, grapefruit shampoo.

Role in Group: The one to laugh at or cry to.26.11 033.jpg

Fav Friend Memory: Dancing round caitlin’s kitchen table to hey ya. actually every dance party we ever do but this one was the best – completely spontaneous and we just went round and round til we were red faced and collapsed from hysterical laughter.

Most important thing for a long lasting friendship: Need to have respect and love in equal measures. Respect who they are as a person and love who they are as a friend.



Flo is classic and sharp and beautiful. She is often the most mature but sometimes she’s our baby. Either way she writes amazing things and she loves truly and a lot. She keeps us real and makes sure our grammar is on point.

Ribbet collage.jpg
Name: Flo

Age: 20

Things that describe you: Snapping the blade on a craft knife. Cold wind, matches, teeth grinding. Google searches, cheek kisses. Taking the longest out of everyone to choose an icecream.

Role in Group:
Debbie Thornberry

Fav Friend Memory: So many. Me and Elvira in the hotel parking lot with a bottle of wine in Rome. Group sleepovers and trips. Rangataua. New Year at Te Kuiti, all of them. Playing Ratchet and Clank with you in that small small house in Lyall Bay.The first time I ever heard an adult say ‘fuck’ it was your mum.


Most important thing for a long lasting friendship: The most important thing for a long lasting friendship is to like the people you’re friends with. If you genuinely like each other, have things in common and can laugh together, then you will keep contact, and it won’t feel like a chore. You can’t force yourself to stay friends with someone, I think you have to want to.


Lily is exuberant and talented and makes really good food. She is open and friendly and loving and is the one we all want to protect but also the one who always supports us the hardest. She brings so much light to us.

Ribbet collage.jpg


Age: 20

Things that 10418921_831280000266724_4350643193922439698_n.jpgdescribe you: Chocolate, cash money , kind of chill.

Role in Group: Cake baker/snack provider /sugar mum when i feel rich.

Fav Friend Memory: Watching you guys all graduate !! /  when I would come back to see  u all at east.

Most important thing for a long lasting friendship: Honesty ,honestly !!

Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 10.33.03 PM.png


Elvira is the coolest because she skis and likes objectively good music and knows her shit. But she has the kindest words and softest heart and is genuinely such a small and bright flower. We adore her.

Ribbet collage.jpg

Name: Elvira

Age: 19 (wow young baby)

Things that describe you: Halloween, smiling lizards/newts/fish, mystery injuries, ginger (plant not hair), bunny tail grass.

Role in Group: Promiscuous but chill fresh funky baby.

Fav Friend Memory: (at least in recent times) at Zar’s ~surprise~ party when everyone
had left except for those in our friend group (and the boys sitting segregated on the couch lol) and we were just dancing (really badly but without caring) to all the songs we’ve all made memories around and everyone was so happy and it just felt like we were a family in the way that we all have a special bond from being a group for so long that means just unconditional + unquestionable love. when we’re all together like that it doesn’t feel like lots of separate friendships, it’s just one which is all of us.

  IMG_5227.jpg  1929003_1206717636019963_2917621933357749001_n.jpg
Something you like about our friends:
we all have the exact same sense of humour. it’s probably because we’ve known each other for so long, we’ve developed jokes and a way of talking that probably doesn’t make sense to anyone else but to us, we think we’re hilarious. because of this, no other friendship can quite match up to our group so we also have a superiority complex where we think we have and are the best possible friends imaginable.


Shulash has a heart of gold. She is bubbly and forgiving and treats everyone equally and nicely. She is in Malaysia and we miss her like mad but she’s doing so well and she’s the best at being an adult. We’re so proud of her.

Ribbet collage.jpg

Name: Shulash

Age: 20

Things that describe you: top 40 playlists, notebooks that will never have been written in, fruity shampoo, laughing till it hurts

Role in Group:  Never really given it thought. Observer maybe? Like I participate but I feel like I observe and listen more? OMG I’m like the the undercover agent actually. I infiltrate other friend groups and report back with gossip 💪268.jpg

Fav Friend Memory:I have so many, but one that is making me laugh rn is when we were making signs for some student council event and Caitlin smacked Katherine with a paintbrush and she had this huge streak of paint on her face and everyone thought that she was going to be so mad but she was like C you idiot. I don’t even think C was sorry. Oh and we made the best sign there 💁

Something you like about our friends: We pick each other up and we motivate each other without even knowing it. This friend group has the most capable girls that are each strong and talented in their own ways. There has been countless times where I’ve had the “ah, screw it” mindset but then seeing how well these girls hold themselves and excel in their own little fields, it motivates me to pull myself out of that negative space and to do my best. I mean, some people could look in and feel like it’s too much pressure, seeing everyone be so good at what they do. Like you may end up feeling like you’re not good enough to in the group and those insecurities may pile up but these girls have hearts made of gold. They are non-judgemental (when it comes to serious shit 😉) and they will help in any way that they can, even if it’s just being there and this is my favourite thing about them.  (This could also be an important thing for a long lasting friendship lol)

life 2014 175.jpg532913_947374048625239_5199873341511490733_n.jpg

Molly is a lad and hilarious and the best dancer that we have. She holds us accountable when we’re a dick but she also makes us laugh lots and owns the more glittery clothes than anyone. She helps hold us together.

Ribbet collage.jpg

Name: Molly

Age: 20 years

ThingIMG_6760.jpgs that describe me: Sparkles, the kettle boiling, sneezes, green vegetables and clothes and eyes, rap music, memes.

Role in group:
 Most likely to laugh until I cry but also have a strong distaste for the emoji.

Fav friend memory: Dancing around Caitlin’s dining table.

Something I like about our friends: Someone is always there to laugh with you or let you cry on their shoulder or bring you a snack even if they don’t know why you’re laughing or why you’re crying or how you’re still hungry.

hello 210.jpg

Tessa brings good jokes and perspective. She is smart and relatable and taught us all how to make good microwave nachos and cake. She still loves you when you fuck up and still eats your food when you burn it.
Ribbet collage.jpg

Name: Tessa (i can’t believe you didn’t know this i thought we were friends)

Age: 19 years 340 days

Things that describe you: apple pie, swingball, inter islander ad jingle, flannelette sheets and soft pyjamas, baby blue, strawberry milk, sparklers.


Role in Group: dad jokes, i’m pretty chill.

Fav Friend Memory: Probably just sitting in the sun on the driveway by the science block at lunch and laughing at our latest quiz we had written.

Most important thing for a long lasting friendship: Here’s some advice – tolerate people’s bad jokes no just kidding here’s actual advice – let people do their own thing but don’t let them do it entirely on their own, whether that be doing it with them just so they have company or supporting them in doing that by liking Facebook posts etc.

Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 10.33.20 PM.png

Sabina is our artist and always looks so classic and gorgeous it’s outrageous. She is classy and neat and tells abominable stories but she is also fair and kind and passionate about everything and belongs so much with us.

Ribbet collage copy.jpg


Things that describe you:
soft, sleepy, sparkly, saying too much, being sorry.

Role in Group
: Owns velvet shoes and also wears velvet shoes.
2 (3).jpg
Fav Friend Memory: fuck there are so many. Maybe you and moo coming over for my birthday because I very much appreciated that. I also liked friends birthdays at school and the hall, That was cute.

Most important thing for a long lasting friendship: making the time for each other, and realising that relationships evolve and you can’t force it.


So! That’s them. My best friends and their best memories, advice and stories. We have been kicking it together for around six years now and despite still acting like toddlers, we are doing okay! I think at the end of the day what holds us together is time – and that over all of those of years we continuously chose each other and supported each other and loved each other. When you do that for so long it becomes second nature.

lol 045.jpg
Life is life, long distance friendship is shit (convenient that 80% of us chose UoA ha) and things are always going to shift. We don’t see each other enough and mostly we lead independent lives. But the point of friendship from high school isn’t that you are meant to stay together or stay the same. It’s that for years of your life you grew up together. You encountered the craziest things together. You laughed and cried and endured choir every Monday and you invested so much energy and heart and soul into each other that you became an entity. They are the friends I can rely on, fall back on, turn to when being a grown up is too much. It won’t matter what I achieve in life or who I grow or change to be – they’ll always be my friends. I’m really thankful for that.




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