On: Starting University – Things not to stress about

Two years of university completed! Rejoice!

It’s crazy because I have this really clear memory of sitting in year 13 assembly listening to my teachers warn us about what uni would be like. I remember being bloody confused about how so many people managed to survive outside of high school without any help. Turns out its way more straightforward then you think – and if you’re as worried as I was you’re probably way over prepared.

(As usual this is about my experiences; I study a LLB/BA at UoA so it’s not 100% applicable to all.)
Making your timetable is easier than it looks. It’s also entirely possible and really achievable to make it so you have late starts/early finishes/days off. I used to think it was just a fluke that my friends were only at uni three or four days a week but then I realised it’s just a mix of smart and good luck with class times. I’m taking more papers than ever next year and I still have two days off.

Things are not too serious! You have two weeks’ grace into the semester to change your papers if you’re really not keen on them. It is probably important to have some idea over what you want to do in your degree so you can major in what you want but you can timetable planners and chat to people in similar courses to make sure you are doing enough stuff. Also if you do a BA at Auckland come and see me at the Arts Student Centre what a great place. Anyway you’ll be ok! We are all ok!!

Lectures are boring but not as boring as you’d think. I hate sitting and listening, I find it so difficult but I still have learnt enough to pass all of my exams so it’s ok! Some lecturers are also really entertaining, there is singing and there are videos and interactive tools and I can honestly say that my worst lecture was still x1000101010 better than my worst class at high school.
Also most lectures are recorded (though you may want to check that before assuming) so if you miss it you’re okay. But hey, if you show up you should absorb enough, and if you pay attention you have a pretty good chance of passing. Uni is about learning for you – if your lectures are 0/10 helpful then its ok to miss a few.


Only buy course books if they are fundamentally important to your course eg. You need them for a quiz – mostly if they’re just for reading you can get away without them or by getting them out a few times from the uni library. Save the $$$!
IMG_0143.jpg             IMG_1348.jpg

Check your course online at student course review!! So helpful!!

You have a lot of free time and space. My first year I was in a hall so I perfected 35 minute naps between lectures. This year I spend a lot of time chilling on the couches in student commons – most people there are either napping, snacking or making out so it’s a great crowd. Anyway allocate yourself some breaks sometimes. Life is tiring and rest is always good.

IMG_8933.jpg         IMG_7659.jpg

You will meet good people – but mainly in tutorials and clubs rather than in your lectures.


People will tell you when to do stuff. Of course you need to pay attention and take some responsibility but your lecturers and your tutors will help you out with assignments. Don’t stress too much that you won’t start on time etc. That being said all of your lecturers will assign your shit at the same time and try and destroy your soul and spirit within a week so there isn’t really harm in starting early– but trust me there is also lots of times to cruise and let loose.  IMG_0314.jpg

Also, importantly if you don’t like uni that’s ok! There are other options and pathways and things that are just as valid and exciting and good. Uni doesn’t have to be for everyone and it’s something you can come back to later.


So no more stress! Breathe out!

See you freshers next year xx


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