An Introduction: BLOGNY 2016

I really, really like the idea of BLOGMAS but it’s the 7th of December so looks like I’m doing BLOGNY instead.

If you know me, which let’s be real most people reading this do, you will know that New Years is historically my favourite part of the year. I massively buy in to the freshness and relief of new beginnings. I love that at the end of each year you get to look the last 365 (or 366 this year thanks 2016) and see it for all its beauty and disaster and good and bad times and then, after the clock strikes 12, you get to start again.

I like to think you start each new year empty handed. Everything you had to carry through the year, all the stress, fear, uncertainty, you can put down. You can start again. And you do! In the same life, as the same person but also with hindsight and new dreams and new goals. Even admittedly if you don’t want to, even if it’s for worse, you still start again. Also it is crazy and fun and you get to dance and watch fireworks and drink a shitty glass of champagne and it’s the kind of day that is at its best in this stage of my life.

So I will be posting something every day until New Year’s Eve – RIP to my email subscribers – actually to all of my subscribers -for the spam but I think it will be a nice build up to the nicest time of year. I will also be going on a major splurge of subscribing and finding other nice bloggers who post my kind of things. It’s been a whole year of this so I figure I may as well try to get better at it before I do year 2.0.

This is an intro post more than anything but I promise I will try get some substance into some of what’s to come. So far for me December has been the perfect epitome of this year. Literally if you grabbed all of 2016 and crushed it into one week – this would be it. Hilariously good, soft and sleepy – but also just a shit, stormy, confusing time. 2016 what are you?? Why are you so bad?? Yet at the same time, still insistently good?

I guess there is no better time to write stuff down.

Anyway, the only thing really left to say is that I love you! Thank you so much for being so good and kind this year and I hope the start of the holiday season is treating you well!! I am off to make some lunch and then head to my work pub quiz which is so great – but radically (and I am so happy about it!) – I’ll catch you tomorrow xx


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