Chicken Salad Recipe: BLOGNY 2016

This salad is proof I am no food blogger as I didn’t actually do any cooking to make it – but it’s also inspiring because I didn’t do any cooking to make it. On top of that it only takes about 10 minutes and is a fully substantial, healthy and delicious meal.

Note #1: I used pre-packed Asian Greens from our local organic food shop. Mum bought them for me as a treat post-surgery. It is fully possible to make your own so I included the list of ingredients in the pre-packed bag if you wanted to do it that way (but i fully made up the amounts of each so follow your gut).

Note #2: I used chicken but I will include how to make this with tofu. If you are vegetarian/vegan you can also substitute out the fish sauce in the dressing and replace with rice vinegar/any other dressing you prefer.


Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 7.46.08 PM.png


Here I am! Complete with post-surgery red eyes and my pyjamas because I only get dressed about 0.2 seconds before I have to leave the house. Let’s make lunch!
A fun tip: I generally like to have a glass of water before I make a meal. If you struggle to drink water like I do making yourself have a glass before every meal is a really good way to keep up your water intake. I add lemon to mine if I really can’t swallow it just to help it go down.

Making the meal!

Salad Ingredients: Put a few handfuls of all of your veggie salad ingredients onto a plate.



Chicken: I used free range pre-cooked. If you prefer you can roast your own but you truly don’t have to.


Tofu: You can make your tofu any way – personally I prefer to marinate and then pan fry just because I think its delicious.

Create the marinade by melting the honey and mixing with the soy. Chop the tofu into cubes and place them with the marinade in a shallow dish. Turn your tofu to make sure all sides are covered with the marinade and then leave, covered for 30-50 minutes.

Cook in a pan on a medium/high heat until cooked.

Add to Salad!!

Add equal parts fish sauce and lemon + lime juice. Add chilli to taste and you will end up with a hot and sour and awesome dressing.
Pour over salad and toss it around a bit.


Lightly toast the coconut on a low heat pan for just a few minutes until they became slightly brown and crisped. Mix with the cashews and garnish with this!


If you don’t use all of this combo you can do what I do and chuck it in a bowl for a yum crunchy snack or to use on something else.


And then voila! Ten minutes and no effort later and you have a good serving size of a super delicious salad. Woohoo! (The nice smoothie is optional but it makes you feel like you are having a treat so I would highly recommend).


Happy budget cooking!

See you loves tomorrow xx


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  1. Oh wow it looks so delicious! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lovefromzar says:

      And so easy! I love it! (Your blog is so beautiful by the way) x


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