Keeping A Diary: BLOGNY 2016

My biggest and best piece of advice is to always write it down. IMG_0123.jpg
I have kept my diary for almost three years now and it’s such an important part of my life. Every day (though more like every week) I fill in a small bit about my day; what I did, how I felt, anything that was especially hilarious or tragic. Call me crazy or call me self-obsessed but reading back through it is one of my favourite ever things. I can never get over how much things have and haven’t changed in the life I am living.

If you are thinking of starting a diary – do.

It is hard and tedious but it is the best way to document who you are every day and such a good thing to return to when you are discouraged or just want to laugh at how ridiculous life is sometimes. After keeping it for a year I took a few months’ break at the start of 2015 and having that time blank is one of my biggest regrets – I would love more than anything to see what I would have written at that stage of my life and to remember how things were day-to-day but also not having it over that time was my lesson that the diary is worth it.


My diaries are cute! They give you a small box which is big enough to include some detail but small enough that you can fill it in a few minutes if you literally did nothing – these boxes are the main reason that I get the diaries I do. They also have so fun extras though! Cute activities, stickers and spaces for addresses, notes and important details which became really necessary for me when I moved away from my friends (send letters, I promise it’s so much fun!) and just to keep track of what is when and where is what. There are also pockets where you can keep things. Here is a crummy, stained and yuck copy of my year 13 timetable.


In 2015 I also have a bracelet that I wore constantly for the first 9 months of the year. I used to feel like it represented everything that I missed from home and I cut it off on a years anniversary of one of my best days to commemorate a turning point and a new start. (So cheesy, so symbolic, but also outrageously me).


To give you more of an idea and to throw in a cheeky throwback I looked over this day of my life from 2014, 2015 and today and it was wild to see how things had changed. Also wild was how I wouldn’t have remembered these things or thought about them if I hadn’t looked even though they are some of my best times.

2014 I was in my last year of high school, I was 18 years old I had brown hair and braces and my life was all about graduating and my friends and summer.

IMG_9748.jpg   IMG_9771.jpg

On the 10th of December that year it was absolutely pouring with rain but we all had to go into school to practise the prefect dance which we were performing at the final assembly of the year. I wrote about laughing and I remember how giddy we all were to almost be on our way out of the school and so happy to still be together then – everything excited us. I also got my braces tightened and then went on an unplanned walk with the boy that I liked. We climbed a hill and talked for three hours about life and the future in this grey, wet, air looking out over the city. I was ridiculously, stunningly happy.


2015 I was 19 years old with no braces and I was in Vietnam with my family.


I was exhausted from the end of what had turned out to be a very long, emotional year. Looking back I was quite distressed and also probably very distressing to everyone who met me but I also I had grown up a lot. I was no longer excited but still hopeful. We had just arrived in Hoi An which would grow to become one of my favourite towns that we travelled to. That day was a peaceful, slow kind of travel day with strong sun and heady scents. It was the first time it had actually been warm that entire trip and I loved it. We had delicious juice and dinner outside and watched Finding Nemo that night and things were feeling ok.

2016 I am 20 years old with dyed blonde hair and new bloodshot eyes that can see without glasses (this photo is not from today but MY EYES).

IMG_0095.jpgI am in Auckland. It was raining but warm. I woke up at 6:15, ran for my bus and then did an 8 hour shift at my new job. Work is the kind of fast paced, positive thing where mostly you don’t have time to think. The people are friendly and funny and one of them was a sweetheart who halved their lunch with me so I ended up with a feast of dumpling and quiche and sushi. Outside of work my life has imploded but I still went shopping with the girls I work with and I’m having a nice albeit tired night at home and the idea of rebuilding everything here without the thing I thought that I needed is not welcome but tonight, not impossible. That’s enough.

Three cities, three entirely different states of mind, three significant parts of my life.

All documented.

My diaries are one of the first things I would save from a fire and are completely irreplaceable to me. Recorded inside those pages are my favourite times with my friends, the times I have fallen in love, moved away from home, gotten into law! My first kiss, night out, heartbreak. The best and simultaneously worst times of my life.
All of it is written down and that’s exactly how I like it.

Basically if you are short on resolutions, this is me advising you all to keep a diary – admittedly this post is a mess it was a long shift at work following what has been a hell of an exhausting few weeks– but I do mean everything I have said! Keeping a diary is probably the most rewarding and therapeutic good habit that I have.

Start one, start one, start one!

Ok I am off for a milo and bed hallelujah, love ya all & see you for a better, more awake post tomorrow xx


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