Night Time Routine: BLOGNY 2016

I promised a more awake post and I absolutely lied but here is the routine I go through most nights + my absolute favourite mug cake recipe, 10/10 would recommend reading just for that beauty. (Also this disaster is my post for the 11th and even though posted after midnight I haven’t gone to sleep yet so it still counts I think!).

Well all begins to look up when I arrive home – here is me doing exactly that today (evidently over the moon) and greeting my good pal and flatmate Molly !
IMG_0137.jpg  IMG_0143.jpg
The first thing I do after dumping my stuff in my room is put on some cozy socks. I love cozy socks! Wearing my shoes around the house distresses me and I never feel properly relaxed or settled into home until my they are kicked off.

IMG_0144.jpg   IMG_0145.jpg

I also like to take off my makeup just to freshen up and settle down. Even if I am going out later it’s 100% better for easier for me to reapply makeup to a fresh face so I will still clean it off first thing. (Ok genuinely in these photos I look the same which says NOTHING for my makeup applying skills but what can you do? Normally I am an eyeshadow kind of girl so you can tell I have put something on my face but the eye surgery means no eye makeup for a while so I am currently going without.)

IMG_0149.jpg         IMG_0160.jpg
Also! I use this cleanser because rosehip is good for inflammation and I tend to have drier skin that hates the cold. It smells really good and it’s natural enough but honestly unless I have layered the shit out of my foundation or am not feeling fresh I mostly just use hot water and a face cloth. Best tip for dry skin: Moisturise! And use coconut oil for when it’s really cold or dry outside! IMG_0155.jpg

Hurray. Now I am feeling clean and awake, let’s make dinner!

Like I mentioned here, I always have a glass of water before I start cooking because I never drink enough during the day. It just means I have always had at least three decent thing to drink and makes me feel like a more all round successful human.


Dinner tonight is pretty scatty because I am tired and it’s a Sunday I finally managed to pull together this tomato salad I have been craving for days.
To make dinner! I like to put on a good fun playlist (i’m plugging the shit out of myself tonight sorry) and then get stuck into it. This recipe is super simple – chopped feta, cherry tomatoes and basil dressed with balsamic, olive oil and pepper. That is literally it. Normally for me this would be a side dish to some chicken or other various vegetables but I had a heavy lunch and all I wanted tonight was feta and tomatoes and dessert.
Huge shout out to me for maintaining a successful adult lifestyle.


Post-dinner I like to sort out my life and just generally and cross a few things off my to-do list. During uni this is when I would do my ‘study’ but currently it is summer break so my night mainly consists of me writing these blog posts, planning Christmas presents and organising things for next year. Tonight was actually very relaxed and I spent most of it watching vlogmas on Youtube.
We did have to take the rubbish out so here is Molly and I fulfilling our only duty and being very responsible housemates.

I also made a MUG CAKE tonight. During exams I had one of these almost every night which is ridiculous because they are so decadent but they are also delicious!!! I am usually so scornful of microwave cooking (because I am a snob, literally no other reason) and I don’t like microwave baking as a rule because it tastes fake and metallic but these are so legit! Warm chocolate cake in a cup! The best microwave recipe I have ever been gifted with (shout out to my flatmate Tessa for it).


Add to mug: 2 tablespoons of water, 2 tablespoons of oil, a dash of vanilla extract: stir.
2 tablespoons of cocoa, 3.5 tablespoons of sugar, 2.5 tablespoons of flour: stir.
Microwave for 65-75 seconds depending on how gooey you like your cake.
IMG_0185.jpg    IMG_0187.jpg

Those photos are appalling but it was so good – see here is me messaging Tess about it

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 11.43.21 PM.png

Like really, I couldn’t even spell I was so excited – do yourself a favour and get cooking.

And that is genuinely the end. I brush my teeth, wash my face, drink some more water and I am ready for bed. Honestly I am a super night owl + an idiot. For example it is 2:51 am and I am awake because I like to tick at least 8 things off my to do list between the times of 11-3. This is a bad habit and not one I encourage. Get up early! Seize the day!
When I finally make it to bed I usually scroll social media or play a game on my phone (best fiends is a winner) before finally making it to a sweet and blissful sleep.
IMG_0204.jpg  IMG_0203.jpg

So that’s my night! Proud of you all for making it through the most uninspiring routine ever. Also wanted to let you all know that after writing yesterdays post I bought my 2017 diary today and I am so, so excited about it! Big, big love, see you soon xx


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