My Favourite Decorations: BLOGNY 2016

As we all know, I love my flat.

The fifth negative of flatting with your friends is ringing really true right now: I miss them!! I am super excited (and honestly relieved) to announce we are doing a second year of flatting together. Friends can live together and not hate each other!! It is possible!!

I was struck by inspo to tidy up the lounge a bit today though and had a rush of warmth for the decorations (which sounds ridiculous, I know) – but there are so many things that we have put up on our walls over this year that have turned the small and weird space into somewhere that looks hilarious, but truly feels like home.

So I thought I would show you my five favourite lounge decorations- in case you are looking for ideas! And just so I can look back and laugh at how good it is.

1. Guest Photo Wall.

IMG_0256 (1).jpg

We wanted a guest book but ended up one-upping ourselves by taking guest photos: Every person who visits our flat takes a photo and than that is printed, the name and date is written on, and it goes onto the wall. It’s a really, really cute way to remember all the people who have come to visit and it’s also a fun throwback.

IMG_0258.jpg   IMG_0261.jpg
Even the upstairs cats were not safe from the camera. Though to be fair we are yet to go as extreme as to get our pizza delivery people to join the photos – but it has been discussed!

2. Compliment Envelopes

This was something we stole from our common room at school but it’s again, super cute and such a mood booster. We each have an envelope with our name on it (all lovingly decorated by Tess and I) on the wall. Basically the idea is that people put nice messages, compliments and thoughts for you into your envelope. You can open and read it when you want but we tend to do it together at the end of semester or before we head home for the holidays. Mainly it’s us who fill the envelopes but occasionally there will be a message from someone who was visiting which is always so nice!!

IMG_0266.jpgWe actually ended up sticking our compliments onto collages which, surprise, also made it into the wall. I (also v surprisingly) think they are CUTE and reading them always makes me laugh.

I’m not going to lie, ‘your dressing gown looks good on you’ is probably the greatest compliment I have ever received.

Also if you were wondering the notes under our envelopes are signs with the chores of them – the idea is that everyone is matched up with the chore they are doing that week but mostly we forget to move them. They’re sweet though! (says me who made them).
IMG_0269.jpg       IMG_0268.jpg

3. Flags + Feature Wall

It’s not really a feature wall but it is the first thing you see when you walk into our house.


On it are our YO balloons, polaroids of all of us in case we forget what we look like, a sign of Justin Bieber’s most inspiring quote that we made in high school, some fairy lights and our flags. I love the flags!! They were a gift from Tessa’s mum and they’re just so nice because you look at them and you’re like yes! This is our home!

They’re not actually hanging in an order – if anything we decided it’s the order of who likes the royals the best (from most to least). But we did end up using it to decide who was boss of the flat first and who got to pick what chore – so it was important.

Basically this wall is pretty simple but it represents the four of us and who we are and everything on it is a very clear reminder about who’s home this is – and because it’s partially mine – I really like it a lot.

4. The Lights!

Fairy lights! They are beautiful, they are incredible, they make the whole space so pretty. Couldn’t recommend them highly enough to make even the shittiest space feel really special. I would say get battery ones though as we all know that the power bill is high enough as it is. (Also a moment of appreciation for our decorative plate because it’s too much) (we thought it was plain old crockery! It wasn’t!). (Also those small paintings were done by our friend Sabina and they’re so cool – if anyone needs any painting done 10/10 recommend her, she is so talented.)



5. This Note About A Dead Dog


We received a huge bunch of white lilies and this note one day and it was traumatising because someones dog had died! but not ours! We did call the florist but they told us to keep all of it as they would send a fresh bunch to the family – v sorry for your loss @Bobbi, Maggi and Children.

I like this note and that suffering brochure (given to us by a door-to-door knocker) because all of them have been accumulated over our time together – they are all memories and they make me laugh. We have a whole wall full of stuff like this – our Indian take out order,  our real estate agents contact number, cards from our friends – and they’re all representations of just really top quality times. I mean if you don’t want to throw something away, where better to put it than the wall right?


So that was basically just a tour of my lounge but I had such a nice time looking around it and wanted to share! Hope your midweek is a beautiful time -also I went and looked at the Christmas lights tonight and they are beautiful. Would recommend if you live near any! ‘Tis the season! See you tomorrow xx


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