Three Ingredient Pancakes: BLOGNY 2016

Not gonna lie, this is probably one of my favourite recipes in the world.

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 10.31.26 PM.png (This serves one but is so easy to adapt – basically one banana + egg + spoonful of flour per person and you’re good to go) (It is also easier if your banana is riper & softer).


  1. Use a fork to slice and mash your banana in a bowl.
    IMG_0237.jpg  IMG_0238.jpg
  2. Crack the egg in and mix with fork until combined!! Continue to try and mash any lumps out.
  3. Add approx a tablespoon of flour – this will help them hold together in the pan so you can add more if needed just follow your heart.
    IMG_0240.jpg IMG_0241.jpg
  4. OPTIONAL: I add chocolate chips to mine because in my opinion banana + chocolate = match made in heaven. It also means that they are delicious treat without me having to put anything on them.Just chuck a handful of chocolate chips in and stir!
  5. I melt butter in the pan to cook them but feel free to use oil/coconut oil/whatever you prefer. These are best made pikelet size, so you can cook about three at a time in a regular sized pan! Just cook them like a normal pancake, flip them when they are brown!
  6. Eat! If you’re not a chocolate person then you can try them with maple syrup, coconut, fresh fruit or even jam! Just whatever you like on pancakes really. Or you can eat by themselves because tbh they really are so delicious. IMG_9400.jpgAnd that really is it – its a delicious breakfast treat that is quick and easy to make and besides the chocolate is actually quite good for you so a win!

    Hope you have all had an excellent day – I don’t know about you all but for me this week has been so long. For some reason I have just been constantly overwhelmed and shattered and not feeling the festive vibes at all so apologies for some of these posts.  Three good things though: I bought a really beautiful towel, I am posting before midnight and although I am yet to sort out my life I’m about to jump into bed with some tea and catch up on some vlogs so am currently over the moon.

    You’re all angels and I love you -enjoy your Friday xxx


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