NZ Summer: BLOGNY 2016

New Zealand is one of those countries that settles right into summer.
IMG_1009.jpglife 2014 031.jpgIMG_0073.jpgWinter here can be extraordinarily beautiful especially if you’re a mountain fiend, but it’s summer that we do best. Everything becomes overwhelmed by a relaxed, free and easygoing vibe that you can’t help but soak up. Even if you’re spending most of your time at work, there is no stress that a warm evening at the beach and a bottle of wine can’t fix. IMG_9570.jpgIMG_9858.jpgSummer is undoubtedly my favourite time of year. I fall hard for the sun, the freedom the late nights and sunrises, the long drives, the sand in your shoes. All the cliches, all so available here. I love that summer takes so long to grow but then stretches out long into the new year. There is always so much time and fun shit to do and fresh berries to eat.IMG_9900.jpgIMG_4018.jpg
Music, barbecues, road trips, the possibility of so many good things to come.
New Zealand is just comfortingly safe – there are no animals to eat you or weird things to worry about – as long as you keep your head mostly on your shoulders you can pretty much run into any adventure and have the absolute time of your life.

yeah 089.jpgyeah 096.jpgIMG_6609.jpg
Instead of describing it I trawled through my photo albums and found my favourite summer pictures over the years. From when I was sixteen, wandering the botanical gardens concerts and having picnics with my friends – to eighteen climbing mountains and driving as far as we could get – to twenty watching fireworks explode over the neighbourhood. There is no country quite like here and there is no season quite like this.
summa 318.jpg
IMG_3850.jpgrangataua bby 215.jpgScreen Shot 2015-03-06 at 4.01.12 pm.jpgIMG_0651.jpgIMG_0028.jpgIMG_9860.jpgyo 052.jpgIMG_5606.jpgIMG_0523.jpgIMG_0349.jpgIMG_5601.jpgIMG_0065.jpgIMG_5835.jpg

Hope you are having a festive Saturday night!! Flo cooked us dinner and baked a cake and supplied the wine what an absolute angel. Now the goal is to have a fun night and still show up to work fresh tomorrow good luck to us.

Much love amigos, catch you for a balmy Sunday xx


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