Christmas Gift Guide: BLOGNY 2016

*A note at the start to say that I don’t know a lot about the situation in Aleppo but I know enough to know that it’s tragic and terrifying and incomprehensibly inhumane. Christmas is about giving and there are people who need you. Please take the money you would have spent on an extra Christmas gift or treat and donate it to one of the many charities helping out over there. You can go without something to give these people a fraction of the help they deserve. There will never be enough to make up for what is happening BUT every little bit counts. Continue to spread awareness, continue to put your love and faith AND practical help with the people who need it xx.*

Ok for me the three most important things to think about when getting your friends or family gifts: Use: Meaning: Aesthetic.

Let’s take them one by one (also note that I have 2 photos to prove my own points so enjoy these extra array of times I have given or received gifts).

(CHRISTMAS 2012 I WAS 16! An absolute stunner of a throwback)

Use: Never buy somebody junk. I’m not saying you need to splurge and get the most expensive or best quality gifts but there is no point in buying somebody something you know they won’t use.

That being said, cheap $2 add-ons are a cute buffer and can add some fun to a present as an extra. Things like bubble mixture, bouncy balls or novelty items are cute on the side – just make sure they aren’t the main component of your present. I always like my present to have more than one component – the more random things that fall out of a gift the more exciting the gift is – so even though it’s important to give something that can actually be used – don’t be afraid to add in some dinosaur socks for the laughs.

26.11 061.jpg
katherine receiving a very useful gift of 100 backpacks

Useful Gift Ideas
-Homeware (plants, candles, frames, cooking equipment).
-Experiences (concert tickets, show tickets, bunny jumping)
-Clothes (socks, dresses, watches, shoes like all the clothes tbh).
-Hobby based stuff (materials, paper, art supplies, plant seeds).
-Grocery Vouchers
-Cute useful things! (cameras, calendars, perfume, jewellery, speakers, diaries)


Meaning: A gift is always better if you have a reason for buying it. Maybe it reminds you of the person, maybe you want them to use it for something specific. Either way, gifts are always better when they were picked with purpose. You can also tell the person! Something I sometimes do is write small notes with my gifts inside explaining why I chose that particular thing and why I got it specifically for them.

It makes people feels special when they realise that you know and love them enough to have taken a bit of care with the selection. Also sometimes the real gift is the meaning rather than the actual product so let the recipient know!! Alternatively you can also make the gift yourself! An equally nice, though very time consuming way to show that you care.

Meaningful Gift Ideas
-Mixtapes! I did this once feat a list of why each song had made the cut which took a lot of time but I think was nice! I also made the CD covers. You can also just put songs on a USB stick, it’s still really cute.
-Photo Albums/Collages of some good times.
-Letters for them to open in the future. This is a good gift for friends who maybe you live a part from.You can give them a letter to open when they are homesick, or a letter to open on an anniversary and it’s just a nice gift that doesn’t get used straight away.
-Something you’ve made like a painting or clothes! Kats sister gave our flat decorative plates that were personalised and they are SO SWEET.
-Homemade vouchers, whether it be for a free coffee or a free hug or even just doing the dishes for your parents – they always go down a treat.

Aesthetic: Make it look good. Pick a colour scheme or an idea and theme it. Make it gold, make it sparkle, make it be about a place or a time or something relevant to that person. Gifts look good if they match – it also means you can chuck in some cheap fun things without them seeing so cheap and random.
Also take some care with your wrapping! Use crazy ribbon, use foliage, use glitter. The more effort you put in the more the gift appears to be well-thought out and full of love (even if you legit only picked it out the day before).

One week until Christmas so hope you are nailing the Christmas shopping!!
Also one last reminder and honest plea to donate what you can to the people who need it.

Love you honeys xx


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