10 Things to Boost Your Mood: BLOGNY 2016

The last week of posts has been absolute shambles I am so sorry. Work is not a good enough excuse; tired is not a good enough excuse – all I can offer is that things are pretty rough at the moment. You know the mornings when you wake up and your chest is already aching inwards and it just feels like the day is over before it has begun? It hasn’t been all bad days but it’s been a long row of mornings.

The global stuff going down is also really getting to me. How can I write when yet again there are problems so big that are being ignored? What kind of international community do we have if there is a city filled with children being massacred and no one has the will or power to stop it? What is that?

Honestly 2016 is a mess. A leader won off hateful rhetoric, the person you thought you knew best feels like a stranger, the wind knocks everything off the walls, a friendship you gave your all to build is undone in one night, Brad and Angelina broke up, the UK left the EU.

On the days that it all gets to you I have compiled ten things that can boost your mood and cheer you up and get you back on your feet. Use them generously and use them well!!  

(Also here is me a year ago on enjoying my last days in Vietnam!)

1. Make whatever space you’re occupying feel cosy and comforting. Put fresh sheets on your bed and fluff your pillows. Turn on your fairy lights and lamps or light a few candles. Make sure that any mess or clutter is cleared away and then sink into it. Just being surrounded by a fresh and beautiful space can make you feel so much calmer.

2. Have a comforting drink (non-alcoholic thank you!). I like tea personally but anything will do – a milo, a hot milk, a lemon, honey ginger. If you don’t like hot drinks, try a cordial or lemon water or just anything yummy you can sip on and relax.

3. Have a shower, wash your hair and face and just freshen up. Get into clean pyjamas. You’ll feel better.

4. Put on your favourite happy beats and sing along. Having to fake the positivity for the song will actually make you feel better.

5. Talk to a friend, or several friends. Have a chat, have a laugh, let them distract you.

6. Plan something fun. A trip to the beach, a road trip with your girls, a new tattoo. There will be times where the world is absolutely shit but you can overwrite the narrative. Give yourself things to look forward to and also to look back on that were free and fun and easy.

7. Cry it out. Listen to a sad song and give yourself a few minutes to get it out of your system. Things can be unbearable most but never all of the time. When it is the worst cut yourself a break and let it out.

8. Cross something off your to do list. The productivity will make you feel better about things.

9. Watch your favourite YouTube video or TV show or something bright and easy and positive. Play a game on your phone, do a quiz. Basically try and distract yourself and let yourself be distracted just to get you back on your feet and feeling settled again.

10. Go for a walk, look at the sky or the stars and the people. Breathe in and out. Tomorrow is a new day.


And if all else fails – go to sleep.

AVA who is incredibly talented and has one of my favourite blogs ever wrote a poem that to me fits the feelings I have towards 2016 perfectly.

you are afraid.
and I must admit,
I am too.

but love,
do stars
not thrive
in the dark?

Love has to win and one day I’ll learn how to blog despite all the emotions (also to post more relevant photos). 5 days till Christmas! 5 hours till I get up for work oh no! See you tomorrow, fingers crossed for a much more put together kind of post. xx


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