Morning Routine: BLOGNY 2016

Welcome to the not-that-anticipated sequel to my night time routine.

My day begins with my alarm. I am one of those people who sets about ten, which apparently is really bad for your sleep patterns & restfulness but I get a lot of genuine satisfaction out of getting woken up at 5am and realising that lo behold, i don’t actually have to be properly awake until 8.
IMG_0391.jpg     IMG_0392.jpg
Flash forward to 8 and here is me frowning because as much as I appreciate getting up at a reasonable hour, I go to bed late and am absolutely not a morning person.
Once I actually manage to get out of bed, I put on my dressing gown and comfy socks and always begin by washing my face with cool water. It wakes me up more and once you have a clean face I feel like you truly pass the line from sleep to awake and your day can actually  begin. I also like to put my moisturiser on now so it can dry before I do my make up.

I wander into the kitchen where I am currently greeted by this important reminder:

IMG_0209.jpgSo I do that before cooking any breakfast. Though to be honest watering the herbs mainly consists of trying to spot the herbs amongst the weeds and spilling half a pot of water all over the floor trying to open the door to outside.
IMG_0210.jpgMorning chores done I have breakfast! For me breakfast is the most important meal – not my favourite by a long stretch – but important. I am randomly quite tiny and if I don’t eat I do tend to get a bit fatigued and dizzy, especially in the mornings as since i’ve been asleep I haven’t eaten in hours!

What I actually have for breakfast varies depending on what time I wake up and what I am doing that day. During uni my average breakfast consisted of gluten-free weetbix with honey and soy milk which sounds pretty boring but tbh it was so delicious and kept me full until lunchtime. 10/10 for you gluten free weetbix.

Currently however I have a little more time on my hands and am on my feet without food for longer stretches of time so I have been trying to eat more substantial breakfasts.  This morning I went for mushrooms and pesto on toast.

Again, another super easy and basic recipe. I started with my classic glass of water:
(I am honestly finding drinking water in this way so much easier – also in the mornings it does also help to wake you up so thats an added bonus!)

I then chopped up some mushrooms and two cloves of garlic and cooked them in butter (yee ha for unhealthy but delicious choices!) until they were nicely browned.

IMG_0212.jpg  IMG_0213.jpg

Then I added a capful of balsamic vinegar, a dash of full cream milk and some salt and pepper and cooked until they were soft and looked done.
If there is time while my breakfast is cooking and I have to take a packed lunch I like to make it now – usually it consists of some kind of substantial leftovers, some apple chips, some crackers and a sweet treat or dried fruit tape (I am a fruit fiend) (yum).
IMG_0214.jpgI then serve my mushrooms with pesto and basil on some toast! I was a bit tired this morning and had work later so treated myself to a cup of coffee too. I am trying to cut back on how much coffee I drink because I relied on it a bit too heavily this year. If I did get enough sleep or have nothing too important to do in my day I prefer to have tea with breakfast. However sometimes you just gotta be on your A-game and a cup of instant coffee is honestly my secret to success.

I normally eat breakfast in my room or in summer on the porch and use that time to watch youtube or catch up on social media. It just gives me an extra 20 minutes (it is the most time consuming but enjoyable part of my routine) in the morning to chill out and have some down time.

Often if I am rushed I will try to get dressed pre-breakfast but this morning I was not rushed and I needed to wash my hair so I didn’t. Here is me pre and post achieving my dream of being a fresh and clean Zar.
IMG_0217.jpg   IMG_0366.jpg

Lastly I wrap my hair back into its towel and do my face! Honestly during uni 4/5 week  days I go make up free, especially if my skin is shit, just to give it a break. Something that was revolutionary about moving to Auckland was that I arrived and realised that I did not care about dressing to impress nearly as much as I did back home. This attitude has lasted me well – so while I love to dress up for me! I still am pretty lax about my appearance when all I am doing is popping in for a few lectures.

If I can be bothered though I will chuck something on my face. Yet again these inspiring before and after photos show that I do not do too much.
IMG_0375.jpg  IMG_0380.jpg

Wow what a beauty! But that’s it – that is the end of my getting ready.

I like to make my bed so it looks comfortable when I come home but all I do after that is take off my head towel (I am a straighten-my-hair kind of person but I am also a let-it-dry-naturally girl so if I shower in the morning I just kind of let it free and tie it up when it gets out of hand) and I am out to the face the world!

Here I am! Hi world! IMG_0385.jpg

Hope you enjoyed another not that inspiring routine lmao. My favourite thing about it is that it only takes about 45 minutes (budgeting in a solid 20 for me to eat breakfast and mess around) which is not too bad for a slow non-morning person.
Also it can take 15 minutes if I take breakfast with me and don’t do my make-up so thats good to rely on when your snooze button is too tempting.

I also hope you all appreciate that this post is only just over 12 hours after the last one due to me deciding that I was going to be nocturnal last night (can confirm that it won’t last because I am currently shattered and it’s only just going 6:30).

Finished my Christmas shopping today! And got to see my mama so I am stoked. Town is full of families and last minute shoppers which is super nice and I am heading over to the island tomorrow for Christmas so pretty excited about that too.

Have yourselves a merry evening and I will catch you Christmas Eve (aka tomorrow)(wtf) xxx


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