Holiday Makeup Look: BLOGNY 2016

Ok let’s all be real I am no makeup expert – I love makeup and I watch my favourite beauty bloggers with awe and great appreciation but I do not have the skill to replicate. Still! Today I thought I would show you how I have done my face for Christmas Eve!!

This is a day look! It is in fact what I am wearing to work today so it is not super glitzy but it is a bit more sparkly than usual to celebrate how excited I am about Christmas.

Ok here is me a freshly washed face. (To be honest I think that makeup free photos are a good idea. If you feel comfortable enough to post them you should because there is so much solidarity in seeing that no one looks fresh all of the time.)
IMG_0401.jpg  IMG_0402.jpg

My moisturiser is this AVST Environ stuff which I think is part of this magic skin routine plan thing. I’m not too sure how it works and definitely don’t use it the way I am meant to but it is meant to gradually improve your skin so if you are interested I will link about it here. I like it because it’s super, super light and keeps my skin from getting too dried out.

I start my makeup with concealer, currently I am using this young blood one in tan. I have to be honest this is not my favourite product because it is quite dry on top of my already quite dry skin – but it does ok.

IMG_0403.jpg    IMG_0404.jpg

If I am going hundies or out at night I will use a brush to apply it but mostly in the mornings I just use my fingers (ring finger for best results!) to dab on and rub in. I usually like to put it under my eyes, on any blemishes and around the bottom and sides of my nose just to add a bit of brightness to those areas of my face.


Foundation! I use this one, which I actually stole off my mum because mine was about two shades two light for my skin. I do actually really like this one because it feels so light and a little goes a long way. It also offers pretty good coverage of your skin – not complete but enough for a nice day look. I put way, way too much on my hand RIP, but that is enough for full coverage of my face and neck (also spot my socks!!).

IMG_0406.jpg  IMG_0407.jpg

I apply foundation with this brush and I love it. It applies it so smoothly and evenly, so even if you are an amateur you never end up with too much coating on or really obvious patches of heavy foundation. It gives you a super fresh glow and finish.
IMG_0409.jpg        IMG_0410.jpg

I also like to grab this foundation brush and the remains of whatever was left on my hands and blend down my neck/chest because you really do not want a very bronzed face on top of a very white neck.

IMG_0411.jpg    IMG_0412.jpg

Now time for my very favourite part BRONZER!!!!!ded412e09432c7dc4f75edadf15d297d.jpg
I got mine for my birthday and it’s my favourite thing. I have skin that is naturally tan but also tends to become almost sallow during colder months when it is lacking sun so this product has been a life saver for me.

Also bronzed makeup looks are my absolute favourite, which hilariously is inspired by my #1 gal Taylor Swift. This is one my favourite looks they ever put on her and I loved how the bronze was used on the eyes as well as the rest of the face. I just think its so good.


IMG_0413.jpg  IMG_0414.jpg

I use this bronze and highlight and it is so pretty! It has a bit of shimmer, such an good glowy colour. It’s definitely my favourite product that I own. I had no idea how to show you how I do bronzer, but here is me before I have blended it in. I kind of just apply it with an angled brush to where my cheekbones are?

I also apply it around the top of my head, down my nose and lightly on my chin – basically anywhere that the sun would hit me naturally.
IMG_0417.jpg     IMG_0416.jpg

Bronzed! IMG_0418.jpg

I use the edge of this brush here to apply my highlighter along the top of my cheekbone. Because it’s Christmas I did go a bit all out with my highlighter today and really made it shine which I think is so nice and festive.

Then eyebrows and eyes! For eyebrows I just don’t know what i’m doing – Mum stole my eyebrow stuff (Which to be fair I had stolen off her so she really just took it back) so I mainly use eyeshadow and a small brush just to fill them in and make sure they are neat and all going in the right direction.


Also I got dressed haha,  how nice is this top!! From here on in this becomes disjointed because my very best m8 came to drop off my Christmas card and it was the last time I am seeing him this year so I was fitting a few weeks of annoying the shit out of him into a smaller space of time.

But eyeshadow! I actually use my highlighter as eyeshadow because is a really pretty pearl colour and I like it when my eye makeup is super natural so prefer to have it from the same colours I have already put into my face. So I did my whole lid with that and then blended the edges out with the lighter browns from my bronzer.

Because it was Christmas I also applied a really thin line of gold glitter as a kind of base eyeliner. This is just cheap shitty sparkle stuff from the Warehouse but it lasts for ages and it really pretty so would recommend!
IMG_0422.jpg    IMG_0424.jpg

I then apply eyeliner and mascara! Eyeliner is a pen because I find that the easiest to apply and line the dark line that it gives. This mascara is new but so far I really like it, it doesn’t clump unless you want it too which is something I greatly appreciate in a product.
IMG_0426.jpg     IMG_0425.jpg

I look so sad hahaha. But this is me!

IMG_0428.jpg  IMG_0427.jpg

Last step is lips! I normally just use this pink lip pencil and then some gloss or matte tan lipstick. I am definitely an eye girl over a lip girl so I don’t really stress too hard over this last step – though bring on the red lipstick for the next few days I say.
IMG_0432.jpg  IMG_0436.jpg

And that’s it!! Finished look!

IMG_0438.jpg                    IMG_0434.jpg

Yeah so obviously I am no beauty blogger haha, but that is how I am going out into the world this Christmas Eve! I am absolutely fizzing because I have work, which I love, and then I am hopping on a ferry to go see my Mama and the rest of the family and there is so much food!!!!! I have two huge bags filled with presents to manoeuvre there but hey, worth it!

Hope you are all feeling absolutely brill today. Make sure to watch your favourite Christmas movie tonight and eat a cookie.

One sleep till Santa Babies xx
(that was deliberate pun on the song please appreciate)


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  1. It looks awesome!! 😍😍

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  2. I really love how fun and unique this post was!! I really enjoyed reading it!!

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    1. lovefromzar says:

      You’re a sweetheart, thank you!!! Merry Christmas xox

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      1. Aw thank you!! Same to you! 🙂

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