25 Things To Be Thankful For: BLOGNY 2016

Merry Christmas babies! 

We made it! 

Today is a day for family. It’s a day for forgiveness, giving, gratitude and bucketfuls of love. 

It is the 25th of December so to celebrate here are 25 things I am grateful for right now:
1. To be with my family on Waiheke. Drinking coffee and champagne, eating fresh fruit and mince pies. We are soaking in sunshine, I have a good book and lots and lots of love all around me! 
2. To be healthy! This year has been pretty crook for my wellbeing but here I am at the end, probably feeling the best and most physically secure I have all year.

3. To be able to see! The first Christmas I have eyes that can actually see in high definition the waves at the beach and the star on top of the tree and faces from a distance.

4. The book I am reading is top notch, I am fully enjoying it.

5. That I was able to reconnect with my extended family this year. It took a funeral to have re-opened that door but to feel so a part of such a beautiful and culturally rich group is a privilege I appreciate every single day.

6. My grandads jokes.

7. That we haven’t opened presents yet so I still have them to look forward to.

8. The mix of Christmas carols and classic bangers blasting on the speakers right now while everyone sings along.

9. My girl gang, who impossibly, become more incredible every single year. I will just know you my whole life, and that’s such a miracle because you’re all cute and hot and the best people I know. 

10. My dress is so good, I love it.

11. That 2016 has come to a close and for every asshole preaching hate there is another good soul standing up saying ‘hey that’s not good enough.’ We lost too many people to hate crimes this year but we choose to love in their memory. We are angry but we still choose love and come this new year, we are going to win.

12. Mum just brought me another glass of champagne and some macadamia nuts this is heaven.

13. The sun is shining! 

14. That I have so many people who I love that when I think of them my heart kind of aches because it has to keep growing to accomodate them – but it is a happy ache because loving people and finding ways to show them that is my #1 favourite thing to do.

15. That they all are all good- natured honeys who let me love them that hard. Bless you pals, you’re the best.

16. That I kept a diary for the entire year – and for the first time ever didn’t skip a week or a few days. All memories of 2016 accounted for.

17. We have a Christmas tree here and it’s so pretty.

18. That I got to work Christmas casual where I did; I met people that were my saviours and biggest mood boosters this month and it was such a joy. It kept me steady when I needed it and I am actually excited to work tomorrow! 

19. That there is enough food being made for an army in the kitchen right now and only 6 of us here, hilarious. 

20. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and even when things hurt just as much the second time round there is also more sunshine peeking through.

21. To be turning 21 next year wow!! 

22. Mum, because she’s an absolute honey and my #1 and I love being with her so much. 

23. For the couple I watched teaching their puppy to swim this morning. You were hilariously entertaining and so sweet. Cheers for existing.

24. This is my 19th post and you are all still reading and so loving and have been the biggest support ever. Who knew I could post everyday for so long – and you’re all the ones who make it worth it so I am thankful for you today. (Also Katie Kuo a shout out because you’re the best)(everyone read her blog) 

25. Despite a few road bumps towards the end of the year this is probably the most at peace and secure I have been in a while. It’s been one of those times where I have had to throw my hands up in defeat and retreat to my roots for a bit, but what did I find there? A group of people who love me unconditionally, a set of values that I still fully believe in and so many sunny, positive things to look forward to. How did that happen? Honestly considering myself one of the luckiest and most content chikas right now.  

It’s the most magic time of year and I hope you all feel so festive and loved. Blast the Christmas music, put on the Santa hats and red lipstick, eat all the food!! Treasure it, endure it, live it.

I am purely, genuinely, happily sending you all the best wishes from my family to yours.

Lots and lots and LOTS of love from Zar xxxxx


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