A Sweet Day: BLOGNY 2016

ok, 2016 way to turn it on for the last couple of days!?!

Today was a goodie that I want to share with you, but I only took photos for the nicer half of it sorry for your loss.
IMG_0561.jpgYesterday my angel & love & main squeeze & partner in crime & best adventurer Kat is back which has made our flat slip right back into feeling like a home and my days slip right back to being the most fun time.

Things Katherine and I achieved today:

We went to the gym for an hour and she taught me how to use all the arm machines which was hilarious. There is something satisfying about spending your time at the gym and I liked it because it was the first time I had been to the non-uni one and was way more relaxed. Something I did learn is that my left bicep is probably the most useless and ineffective thing in this universe. Blessed I could discover this now so I know not to rely on it in the future – it genuinely doesn’t work.

Caught the world’s hottest bus out to St Helier’s. The people almost rioted from the heat it but the comradery and mutual love on that tropical ride was real.

We went on a crazy low tide walk that was so much longer than anticipated but also out of this world pretty and SO hot. It started when we spotted a staircase off at a distant point from the beach and thought we would head towards it but there were so many ins and outs of coast along this flat rocked walkway. We also risked our lives (literally considering that I am the most uncoordinated girl on the planet) on this slippery, loose dirt cliff ledge that hung over nothing. It was the last part of the walk so we had to cross it. Inching along it while my feet slipped and my hands had no hold was probably one of the most terrifying moments of the year – but we made it.
IMG_7341.jpg  IMG_0560.jpg The end of the walk was this cute little cove beach full of blissed out sunbathers. We swung a left up the hill and the humidity was insane but the view was worth it. If you head away from the official look-out platform towards the road you can also jump a barrier and follow one of those trodden paths that takes you further out onto this shaky little cliff bit below the platform which was so good! Just one of those places where you look out and have to fall in love with how beautiful NZ is. To have that feeling while still in the middle of Auckland city?? Amazing.
UJJN7895.jpg  IMG_0572.jpg

We spotted a motorized paraglider who ended up in bloody Takapuna, what a legend.

Another perfect beach day. The sun appeared and it was all soft-sand and toasty warm. K braved another swim while I soaked in all the vitamin D ever. We grabbed the last $2 berry trumpets the dairy had to offer, drunk all our water, admired the sweet families around us and packed up just after 6 to head home.

We both cooked a substantial dinner featuring at least 1 vegetable.

Basically the lesson of today is there are so many unexpected adventures in this city. We came purposefully looking for one but were chucked into x100 more by accident/divine intervention and had such a good, good day.
Also I guess another good lesson is that even in bad patches of life where big things did not go how you planned there is a lot of joy to get out of the looseness. If my year had not turned to shit I wouldn’t have had today and I loved today (I know I harp on about shit times but also I personally get comfort from other people understanding & fighting relatable battles so I gotta give back! Talking about it is important).
IMG_7362.jpg  IMG_0566.jpg

I am also so excited for tomorrow we have about one million VERY GOOD things to do on the tightest schedule ever but hey – what more could you want to round off the year right?

Hope you all spend the last of 2016 doing things you love and celebrating yourself.
I will (this is the last time I get to say this? Crazy and sad!) talk to you tomorrow.
Love and spirit from me & mine to you & yours xx









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