I am meant to be leaving in twenty minutes and I am not dressed or packed or close to ready but the people I am going with are the ones who have forgiven me one million times over and will continue to forgive me as second nature forever. Even when I make us a few hours late.

I think this is an one million emotion post pushed into a few messy sentences because I have nothing to write and I have had a week where I have been too tired to feel all the things I should be feeling and I am happy, but like summer, often cloudy and I can’t explain myself in a small number of words, I can’t simplify who I am into a sentence.

There are things happening in the world that we all need to be angry about. Namely the xenophobic, terrifying, fucking outrageous ‘muslim ban’ in the United States. Years and years ago we watched movies and we sat in classrooms in fresh white blouses chewing on gum and we learnt about the holocaust and we said ‘something like this will never happen again.’ And it is happening again.

And what you do now and who you are now is the part that you are playing in a segment of history that is so fundamentally wrong and tragically broken and I don’t have words or enough time to say all I want to but I am imploring you to be a contradiction. To be angry; do not slip into complacency; do not let this become normalcy. To be kind; to reach out; to battle anger and hate with your own kind of light. You are important, your voice is important, who you are right now is important.

I don’t ask you to be a revolutionary, I don’t ask you to be outrageous. I don’t ask you to be anything except for yourself. I just hope that who you are is the kind of person who has time to lend a hand, a shoulder, a voice to a movement that shouldn’t have to happen. To remember that we are all human and we are all people and geography doesn’t change how our minds are wired to be both resilient and receptive to love. Geography doesn’t change the biological build of our bodies. We were born the same way, we have the same hearts, we all share DNA. I don’t know, I don’t know if people should have to be the same as you to deserve your help but if it helps then I can tell you that we are.

I don’t have time to edit this. I am so late. I am so excited to spend a week with three people who have weathered every single storm (and I mean every) my life has thrown at me in the last five years and who have still remained soft to me, still strong for me, still able to make me laugh the hardest of anybody I know.They keep my feet on the ground and my head far, far above the waves and I need to start my year with them.  So I have to run so we can actually make our boat.

I love you, sorry this is atrocious but I had to make my fourth post for this month and I also needed to say that I don’t have time for the hate pouring from a really small but insanely powerful group of people and I also do not have time for the silence.
Be brave this week. xx


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