Quick Recipe: Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls (Student Version)

Our flat splits the cooking roster which means three nights a week I eat pasta and take aways, three nights I eat substantial and delicious meals and the last night I am burdened with trying to match my flatmates expert cooking.

Food is not my forté. Flavours are and eating definitely are – but the actual planning and preparing and making of meals is less a labour of love and more just brute labour. Nevertheless a food roster is a food roster and on my night I had to cook. Here is the very shorthand recipe (like not an actual recipe you should use, but exactly what I did improv and all) of what I made:

Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls + Baked Tofu
(Total Price: $25.20 (20c over budget but I bought too many carrots so could be cheaper)
Feeds Four


Two Carrots
Half a Cabbage
Bag of Spinach
6 Cloves of Garlic
1 Thumb of Ginger
Sliced Almonds
Sliced Coconut Flakes
One Packet of Rice Paper

2 packets or so of Tofu
A bit of Flour
Cayenne Pepper lmao

Dressing (all to taste, and disclaimer that these were not included in the budget because I owned them already):
Light Soy
Dark Soy
Sweet Chilli
Actual Chilli
Rice Vinegar
Lime Juice


1. Drain Tofu of liquid and try and get rid of as much of the excess liquid as possible. I squeezed it, cut it into cubes and squeezed and then in the end placed my toy  half of a clean tea towel on top of my chopping board, folded up the other half of the tea towel over it and placed another chopping board on top in a kind of sandwich and then left it like that for a while (as long as possible but at least 10 mins).

2.Put tofu into a dish and then spoon in some flour (as much as needed to cover) and toss around.

3.Chuck in oven for about 25 minutes and laugh because what a bad side dish. Ideally the tofu will be crispy but mire realistically it will just be cooked. I panicked and put cayenne pepper on mine to add flavour but it was spicy so I don’t know if I would recommend.


1. Finely grate your carrots and chop your spinach and cabbage – combine in large bowl.

2. Lightly fry sliced garlic cloves, slices ginger, coconut and almond slivers in sesame oil (or whatever oil you have I actually used rice bran) until toasty and golden – add to bowl.

3. Cook Vermicelli noodles – I usually cover with boiled water from a jug for 3 or four minutes or until cooked to consistency – add to bowl.

4. Mix ingredients!!!

5. Make rolls! Set up a station with your mixture bowl, a clean chopping board, a large mixing bowl of warm water  and a tray covered in baking powder. To make the rolls submerge a rice paper sheet in your bowl of warm water until its soft and clear and then place on chopping board.
Put a handful of mixture in the middle and fold up the bottom of the circle to cover it, fold in both sides and then roll. These instructions are confusing so I took some clumsy photos.






6. Once rolled place on baking tray. You are done!!


1. Legitimately just add a bit of everything and see what you like – its a bit touch and go but i don’t have a set recipe, I just make to taste and likely with all delicious ingredients it will turn out ok!


If I was a better blogger I would have taken photos on the night I cooked instead of the next day when I used my leftover mixture to make some extra rolls! Obviously this dinner is a budget version of a really beautiful and delicious dish but also for a student budget it tastes good and lasts ages – I made about 25 rolls for us four for dinner and had leftovers to last for a long time. It is also fresh and healthy to give a good break from all the normal bread and cheese in our diets so would recommend.

New month! I couldn’t be more pleased – though still in a bit of shock at daylight savings ending!

Much love xx


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