Things I Love (Short)

Things I Love:

The ocean. The colour pink, but a smooth and soft sort of pink, the kind that is sunrise and lips and soft angora. Soft angora. Brown paper wrapping with string and little leaf decorations. Chocolates that come in boxes with fancy wrapping. The feeling of infinite possibility. Driving with the windows down and music turned way, way up. Cats but specifically my cat. Balloons and crepe paper ribbon billowing from the ceiling. Flowers. Chocolate brownie with a side of yoghurt (not cream). Minigolf. Walking faster than everybody else. Books that make me laugh and ache without boring me. People who make me laugh and ache without exhausting me. Warmth. Taking off my retainer. Somebody stroking my hair. Birthdays. That feeling of joyful, anticipation when you send a letter and you’re waiting for it to arrive. Simple gold jewellery. Playing games on my phone. People.

This a beginning post, a foot in the door rather than a one off stop. April has been cooler rather than kinder, colder rather than warmer, misty rather than clear. There was no cyclone; there are so many deadlines. Two people I know got stung by a wasp! It’s been a topsy turvy time and my body keeps trying to sleep because it knows that it can (except it can’t because I haven’t started that bloody essay) (get it together @energy levels).

But good accumulates I think.

I’ll see you soon.


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