Pro Choice//In which I politically align myself some more.

I know it is a bit iffy to take so many political stances in a row but this is the kind of stuff I care about so this is what I want to say.

If you do not agree with abortions that is okay. If you think it is a grievous wrong that is okay too. It your personal opinion and it is your own truth. You have the right to never get an abortion. You have the right to support the women in your life who may be pregnant and to help them in their own journeys as best you can. I have no issue.

It is not okay to spread hate and anger and disapproval to women you do not know (or women you do know honestly). It is not okay to campaign to make the process of abortion (technically illegal under NZ law) more difficult to access than it already is. It is not okay to shame and belittle women for a difficult decision that they have had to make.

In extreme (but also shockingly common) cases women are sexually assaulted, sexually coerced or otherwise impregnated in a situation they did not consent to or feel comfortable about. These women are strong and beautiful but they have been hurt and defiled. It is not their responsibility to keep the pregnancy that resulted of a horrific act. If they want to then yeah, that is their right, their healing process, their decision. If they don’t – their right, their healing process, their decision.

Your personal feelings don’t weigh in.

I don’t want kids right now. I am too young, too busy, too much to do.
Still, I have bought a pregnancy test before.

I know many bright, young women. They are sparky, funny, ambitious and smart. They don’t want children yet they have bought a pregnancy test before.

And let me tell you very honestly that there is a stigma around buying a pregnancy test when you are a young woman. You try to hide it between your cereal and your dinner ingredients. It doesn’t work, they still scan it and they still look at you. And if you are like me you feel judged and you feel dumb. But I’m not dumb and I’m not stupid, and I’m not uneducated. And I don’t want a baby just yet.

So even though you are entitled to your opinion and even though that opinion is valid my decision on what I do with my body is not up for debate.

I have been lucky and I have never had to think about it – but if I did, my mentality around whether or not to terminate any pregnancy I could have is not up for debate. It is my rightful choice and it has nothing to do with you.

You do not have the right to ever remove that right from my life.

Because what do we see? We see women ill and injured and dying because of backroom abortions. We see a woman in Australia pressured into a forced miscarriage, so sick and still tried in court because the pills she was sold were illegal – and yeah, she was sent to court, not her partner who aided her decision, not the guy who sold her the pills – her. We see women upset and isolated and poor and ill-equipped forced to carry pregnancies to term because someone else told them they had to.

And I’m really sorry @most males, because yeah you are entitled to have an opinion. But the issue of abortion should come down to those who are able to carry children. It should be up to the people who this choice really impacts.

And I don’t have time for those who advocate for no choice, for one side.

It is not an objective issue. It is a personal one.
So pls go away and keep your more damaging opinions to yourself.

Cheers + Good wishes.


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