Could a city be more perfect?

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 5.23.46 PM.png


New York City satisfies every expectation that you may have of it. The streets pulse  loud and bright and steady – the heartbeat that all the songs promise.

We arrived into the early hours the morning. Stood breathing steam into the crisp air as uber drivers brushed layers of snow off their windscreens. After a short drive and small battle against the dubious heating system/bathroom/internet access in our accommodation we snuggled down to sleep and woke up a few hours later to the most special city. A dream last stop to finish our American journey.

My favourite things:


The city itself. I love cities. I love tall buildings and the way the concrete streets criss-cross in a perfect grid. I love the way the towers light up night and the pulse of colour shining from the bright electronic billboards on every street.


There is something so indulgent about big city culture. There is happiness in sipping your Christmas themed Starbucks as you walk the streets on a grey morning. There is satisfaction in matching gloves and scarf, and the warmth of a coffee in your hands. You’re winning because you’re walking so fast– even if you have no clue where you’re actually going. Cities have a superficial kind of energy that never runs out and it’s a special kind of home to me.


The subway.

Absolutely the easiest and best way to get around. Apart from when we lost Katherine it was an easy run and simple to navigate. We also got to see a cool band perform on one of our trips which was a fun and fresh highlight.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 5.30.05 PM.png

Central Park.

With the snow and the lake and the little squirrels curled up in their trees. Like everything else it is massive and expansive and impressive. Walking through the snow in Central Park was a pretty special moment for all of us – a ‘is this real’ kind of morning.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 5.20.50 PM.png

IMG_6556.jpg  IMG_6544.jpg

My least favourite things:

IMG_0943.jpg   IMG_6679.jpg

The lines for FOOD THAT WERE EVERYWHERE. Wait-times were always a long time and you had to be quick to get in anywhere you wanted to eat.


Maybe we should have packed more warm clothes lmao.

The vibe:

IMG_0665.jpg  IMG_6925.jpg

Maybe the less words I say the better? New York is a feeling/ a state of mind (lol)/a true experience.


It was a long held dream to be there and I am still warm that it came true. We got to experience everything: We saw Hamilton, which was absolutely spectacular/I cried. We went ice skating. We ate bagels and drank pretty good coffee and went shopping and three storey shops and found the craziest little nooks and museums and bits to explore.

IMG_6633.jpg  IMG_6823.jpg

One week was never going to be enough but that was the same with all of our temporary homes over this trip. We left each place with our hearts filled to the brim, but also with so much left to explore.
– Which I guess on some holidays is actually the best way to do it.


Until next time xx






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  1. Wow!! It looks gorgeous and I absolutely ADORE all of your pictures!! 😍😍😍

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