Five thoughts on: Religion

  1. I believe in God.
  2. I am a spiritual person but I am not religious. For me, spirituality and religion exist separately from each other, so you can be either or you can be neither or you can be both.

    Many of my close family are part of the Baha’i faith and I grew up with exposure to and respect for that community without pressure to associate myself with them. I think this was the integral factor that made me feel the way that I do. I’ve been saying a prayer every night since I was eleven, but I was never asked to. My relationship with spirituality has always been something I have chosen for myself.

    The Baha’i faith also has a lot of really good ideas. They promote unity; teaching their followers that after years of separatism it is finally time to face the newest challenges in this world as one. I mean, like any religion they have some prescribed teachings that I don’t agree with and rules and expectations I couldn’t follow – but I also think its ok. At the end of the day I love my grandparents. I love the lessons and the morals that they’ve taught me, and I know a lot of who they are and thus a lot of who I am is part of a belief system bigger than all of us.

  3. I think my relationship with God can look the way I want it to.

    I’m not really down with ‘sins’. It is not a sin to love a certain person, to listen to certain songs or to dress a certain way. If you lead with your heart and you are genuine and you are kind, then I think you’re doing okay. If you take the initiative to learn, if you work to better yourself and if you are sincere in your apologies then I think you’re doing okay. I am not a perfect person – and sometimes not even a very good person but I don’t think this ruins me. Probably by some people’s standards this entire post is sacrilege but I don’t think so and that is ok!

  4. Faith is one of the strongest emotions we have and it’s worth cultivating.
  5. I don’t think religion should ever be used as a mechanism for hate or exclusion.

    If your religion is leading you to hate, or belittle or look down on a person for things outside of their control. Or if it is leading you to oppose free choice. Or if it is asking you to say or do things that are inconsistent with what is true and what is fair then maybe you should check back on what you believe in.

    But this is true for everyone. Being an atheist does not make you a superior person because you have #hacked the world.  I love the BIG BANG but you still don’t have the right to ridicule or belittle. If the people you imposing yourself onto aren’t hurting anyone maybe you should check yourself as well.

That’s 5!!! Be nice basically. And have faith in something – even if it’s just in the fact tomorrow is a new day, or that France will win the Football World Cup #nailedit.


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