sorry for writing it down: BLOGNY 2018

I watched as you left

all the girls who came before

I just didn’t think.


Two peas in a pod.

Avoid, avoid, avoid it.

Now you avoid me.


Text: “Hey how are you –

how is work? Are you happy?’

Then I delete it.


I guess you hurt me

Like really really hurt me

But I don’t forget:


The 2am call

– but not a sex thing – just me

drunk and kind of scared


but you still picked up

and you came and sat with me

until I could sleep


Or watching tv

When it was raining outside

And having a chat


Us: always laughing

Always on each other’s side.

So easy to stay


But I know you don’t

Wonder about me like that

And without you there’s:



Of love that’s easy and good

Love that’s courageous


No more feeling small

Shoved aside – unimportant

Low priority


No more avoiding

Or bad food from coffee club

it’s sad but i’m glad


I just didn’t think

That you would treat me like them

So easy to leave.


But you betray you

I know you better than that

So nice try loser


Anyway, I hope

That someday we can meet up

Have a drink and laugh


Because I always;

Will have room for you, somewhere

I just need some time











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