6 Girls to Thank Today: BLOGNY 2018

She exudes confidence and joy. Looks beautiful in yellow. Always laughs at my jokes, her whole body shaking as she inhales, eyes lit up. She is always warm, easy to sling an arm around and talk to and she makes you feel included. Like it matters that you’re there. Picture a girl grooving soft to the music, a girl who remembers your name when you’ve only met her once. Picture a fruity milkshake and a potluck dinner and a vibrant painted city.

Today she picked up the phone the second she rolled out of bed. She listened to be in the worst of it and she came straight on over. Spent the whole day in wrong clothes at the beach. Used her time to make mine a litter easier.

Thank you.

She is my calmest and comfiest presence. A clean set of sheets, a summer barbeque, a scooped ice cream. The person who is easiest to come home to and fall into and talk to about all the weird and dumb things in my life. The sweetest smile, the loudest laugh, the first person I think of when I think of breathing easy or Christmas. She listens with a steady confidence and always understands exactly what you’re trying to say even when your words are choppy. She is gentle and funny and always gives more then you ask, but exactly what you need.

When I asked to call her because I couldn’t even handle being by myself for ten minutes, when I was crinkled and salty and sitting in the dark she answered. And she stayed on the phone until I wasn’t alone anymore. She made me laugh.

Thank you.

She is so cool. Tall and gorgeous and vibrant – everything she does has this certain energy and sincerity to it. She is the kind of person who makes you feel more important just by being with her, constantly uplifting and laughing and loving. She is a flirty red dress and a fruity drink and a warm hug. The kind of person who can set the day alight but also keep you warm through the night. The first person to go to if you are struggling, who would guard your secrets like a lion but also hold them gently, she keeps you safe.

When I messaged her today she replied straight away. Told me exactly what I needed to hear. Assured me that this time it wasn’t me and that it really was as mean as it seemed.

Thank you.

She is a my favourite cocktail, a warm summer day, a flowery dress. She is quick to laugh, and good at listening in that focussed way where you feel not only heard, but validated. She considers things carefully, understands quickly and is so smart it is sometimes confusing. She is someone it is easy to fall into, to lean on and who will hold you up all the way home, never faltering. She is dancing and singing, loud and friendly, the first to see you in the crowd and also the first to hold your hand and bring you in. She’s a place to call home.

Today she listened, fresh out of the shower, face alight with concern. She drove me to the beach, dipped with me in the ocean and let me listen to that one song loud in the car all the way through.

Thank you.

She has this immense power about her, and also this way of making you feel so assured as if everything is taken care of when she’s there. The most genuine person to talk to – she says everything she feels but the honesty is refreshing, She is also generous and kind and empathetic which makes her honesty always measured, gentle and important. She looks after you. She is that first glass of water, the light filtering through trees on a bush walk, the feeling of being raw and scrubbed but clean out of shower.

She replied on time, checked up on me, said everything exactly right. Gave me an a somewhere to vent where I would be understood. Distracted me with good news.

Thank you.

She greets you with such openness, kindness and good intention. Always lets you start with a clean slate even when you are feeling scribbly. She is a little super star, constantly achieving things like it was nothing when really it was more than a lot. She is so tall, and beautiful – a baby goddess girl with a big heart and big ideas and this way of articulating and relating and feeling that makes so much sense. Fresh washing hung out to dry, a late night ice cream snack, a full smile that lights up your eyes.

Today she drove across town to stay. Greeted me with a hug, stayed up with me for ages listening to music and settling into our friends. Ate ice cream with me three hours after both of our bed times and met me in the morning, fresh and sweet and good.

Thank you.


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