Christmas in 5 #1 Decorations: BLOGNY 2018

Christmas is magic. I love how delicious and indulgent it is with its shiny tinned biscuits, paper hats and shiny wrapped gifts. Every year it is so much fun to see hordes of people out every night dressed up and singing carols – and it is exciting and ridiculous to be a part of them, dressed in Santa hats and hyped on fizzy wine and strawberries. The Christmas season is full of loud music, warm scents and this buzzy holiday feeling that comes from the year finally winding down. I love all of it: The shitty themed movies and gaudy colours and those weird ornaments hanging from lampposts. I love knowing that all over the country people are thinking of all of their loved ones. And because there is nothing that makes me fizz more than community, these days Christmas time makes me so happy.


Originally I was going to do all my Christmas 5’s in one list, but seeing as I’m about fifteen days behind and Christmas is all about being kind (even to yourself) I have split this post into three. Sorry in advance to my email subscribers but Merry Christmas to the rest of you xx

My top five Christmas Decorations this year!

  1. The Tree!
    IMG_2224.jpg  IMG_2274.jpg
    Complete with its pink and gold decorations and light projecting star. Also shout out to Kmart because this tree was only $15 which is really affordable at this time of year and made our household very festive and very happy.
  2. The sign!
    IMG_2269.jpg  IMG_2927.jpg
    which we have dedicatedly changed every day in an accurate count down to Christmas. I think I am actually more proud of my ‘changing it on time’ streak than I am of the actual decoration – butI guess #meaning is important.
  3. The lights
    This is an appalling photo of them but they are actually so pretty and light up the whole kitchen when you turn the lights off.
  4. OUR VERY SMALL wreath
    which hangs outside on our door and has made me laugh every single day since we put it up.
  5. My reindeer

i mean… how good??…???? It is  GRASS REINDEER. it is also so extra and so tacky but I look at it every time i’m in the shower and it really adds a new level of festivity the its permanent home in the bathroom.
This was a lazy post but it is also indulgent in that I want to look back in the future (#1 viewer of this blog is.. myself) and see what we had in our little home this year. Merry Christmas pART ONE see you in twenty mins with part two lmao xx


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