Christmas in 5 #2 Memories: BLOGNY 2018

  1. It was sunny and I wore my pale yellow jeans, pink diamanté t-shirt and this cool pink bomber jacket with tiny white polkadots on it. The air smelt kind of spicy and kind of sweet and I had gotten two new books as part of my present – the latest Jacqueline Wilson and Twilight. We drive out to spend the day eating food and laughing with our cousins. That night before we left we watched Miley sing her new single see you again on TV and I had it stuck in my head the entire way home.
  2. At the end of 2008 we had just finished school and I was at Flo’s house, giggling and gossiping and texting people from school on our colourful flip-top phones. That night we lay trading secrets on the beanbags underneath the Telecom Christmas tree as we watched the lights above us start to twinkle brighter as the sky slowly faded into darkness. We queued dedicatedly at the phone boxes to call the Santa hotline, laughing down the phone as we confessed our secrets and wishes to the automated message on the other end. It was one of the nights where it felt like everything was going to change, but in a good way. In a giddy, holiday spirit, wish come true kind of way.
  3. It was a Christmas in Whangarei and I remember getting this little green iPhone shuffle and just being ecstatic. And I called Flo on the landline to tell her about it because she had a matching one and it was one of the first times that we ever talked on the phone like that. I guess like the ones above it this memory is kind of inconsequential but you hold onto just because it makes you smile.
  4. I know this will sound ridiculous but I made myself this really good chicken sandwich with mayo and relish and lettuce and I made my cat a deconstructed one and we ate them together in the sun with fizzy water and cherries she was purring and I was sunburnt and it was just really nice. I guess spending Christmas with your cat is kind of a cliche for being a loser but I love my cat. And I really love chicken sandwiches.
  5. Mum made cannelloni which was my favourite dinner at the time and I was quite young but I remember everyone sitting down to eat and it was dark but we had all these candles burning and everyone chatting and laughing over the music and for some reason it is a Christmas dinner I have held onto even though all the other details of the day are hazy.

    I think what writing this list taught me is the memories in themselves don’t mean much. The same way as a gift, or a song or an ornament not meaning much until you attribute your own worth to it. All the Christmases I remember aren’t coherent or nor were they necessarily enjoyable for the whole day but they all had this very real quality of being something special. Or on the brink of something special. These memories I have listed may sound disjointed but they are all tied to a bigger feeling of happiness and love and of being apart of something bigger than just myself. And that’s what Christmas is about right? Or at least it is for me, I guess there are like other religious and wholesome undertones which are meant to be the true meaning of the day. But for me it’s just the feeling of a day where you know that you are not celebrating alone. You’re part of something bigger and you’re part of the people around you and the people who love you and just by existing and by thinking of others and projecting good energy and love into the world you’re contributing towards something special. And that’s another reason why i really love Christmas.


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