25 things to be grateful for: BLOGNY 2018

It’s Christmas again!! Merry day and love to you all. Here are 25 things I am grateful for right now.


  1. My family – who have all called me and messaged me over the last few days, or are celebrating birthdays and successes and babies, or are just out there living. What a colourful and strange web we create, but I so belong with you.
  2. Also on that same vein, my independence. Which I have gotten from my family – from mum who is working today, dad who is building a deck, poppy who is putting up curtains and making himself a lamb roast and my aunty who reminisced with me on FaceTime last night about the Christmas dinners she used to make for herself and the days she spent alone, curled up with a book in Auckland when she was in her twenties. We are a family who loves each other but we are also people who are happy with our own company. And in a funny way spending this Christmas by myself has made me feel closer to them all than ever.
  3. The rain. I love the heat and sun of summer but in these past few days where I have needed nothing more than to curl up and rest the rain has been consistent and calm. The kind of steady downpour you look out the window and get lost in.
  4. Mug cakes. That one specific recipe. My favourite dessert.
  5. Christmas movies. They’re all so terrible and yet as warm and indulgent and happy as Christmas day itself.
  6. A good strong cup of tea.
  7. That I have always been surrounded by people who have fun with their outfits. This year I met people who taught me what a nice pair of shoes, some hoop earrings and colour can add back into a look and it is so fun to just have fun with the way that you dress.
  8. My old friends. Who were truly tested this year and yet continued to show resilience, sweetness and just straight up love.
  9. My new friends. Who came in my life with coffee, snacks and a willingness to be swept up in every single tornado I have thrown myself into. This was a big and hard year to get through and you are all very big people to have stuck with me all the way.
  10. Icelandic face oil and Urban Decay setting spray. Maybe just makeup in general for making me look awake when I am absolutely not awake.
  11. Sards wonder soap. I owe u.
  12. Ariana Grande – because literally whenever I feel a bit overwhelmed by my life I think of all the shit she has gone through and realise that I am actually so fine.
  13. Having a clean house. I think cleaning is something I am better at than I always think I am. I just like things to be shiny and not dusty and I am so grateful to have had the time and energy this year to keep my little spaces fresh.
  14. Our Christmas tree (with its light projecting star).
  15. That I have people who love to go on adventures and do corny things like rainbows end and escape rooms and aren’t too self-conscious to laugh at themselves. There is a lot to look forward to with all of you.
  16. Having a house that is warm and dry and safe. And that has good shower pressure. I am very happy here.
  17. Also this year living somewhere that people find it easy to visit. It’s been really nice to just have friends pass through our house and stop in for a chat or a cup of coffee between uni breaks. It meant that we saw a lot more of the people we loved and I really liked the connectivity of it all.
  18. The power of a good soy flatwhite.
  19. I have had less colds this year than any other year in existence – and even though I will be attached to a tissue for the rest of my life I am SO PLEASED. Long may it last.
  20. My eyebrow is growing back. Don’t let dubious threaders try their luck at your eyebrows for three years kids – the hair you want will NOT COME back and you will have to spend a lot of $$$ at expensive places to try and fix it.
  21. Ocean swimming.
  22. My mum. Who still lets me act like a 5 year old and makes me snacks.
  23. Having a good book to read. I devour good books and I love them so much.
  24. People growing up!! It’s scary but also they’re all going to do such good things. Tess will be a teacher!! Lorraine will do something that helps in the environment!! My first ever boyfriend now lives with his new girl in France and they’re skiing and I just think it is SO cool. That the people that I have stories with  are now creating more of their own. It is just so exciting that people are doing things they’ve spent so long dreaming about and it makes me feel hopeful and grown up in a really remarkable way.
  25. We have almost made it to another year. I am grateful for that.

    I hope all of your days were special and warm. Big love xxx


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