wow can i do make up yet??? No sir I sure cannot. But I love to put it on, I love to take pictures of my products and I love to look back and laugh at myself so here is another GRWM make-up post for my blog.


IMG_2242.jpg  IMG_2243.jpg


First things first it is Arctic face oil time. This product is lifesaver and I love it with my whole heart. I have really dry skin that is also prone to things like cracking, scales and all sorts of other auto immune fun qualities.IMG_2244.jpg

I would have foundation but after a few hours it would start to rub off or or look really awful because my skin would dry out/react to the copious amounts of coffee I drink and it would just look shit. This saved me. It is literally just oil and I rub it with my hands on my face – mainly on my cheeks and forehead which is where my skin is the most dry and it allows my makeup to stay on normally all day as well as doing wonders for the dryness of my skin generally.

I also use the too faced hangover x primer because it makes you smell like a coconut and that is exactly what I want. IMG_2245.jpg

THEN IT IS normally actually time to do my eyeshadow but as I was feeling #reckless it turned into foundation time. I use Too Face born this way in shade light beige :((( which is a really nice foundation because it makes your whole face look smooth. Sadly because I am me you can’t actually notice the difference in this phOto but TRUST ME IT IS THERE. See Ya blemishes.

IMG_2248.jpg  IMG_2246.jpg

Then I do my eyebrows which is a 0/10, hope future me smartens up her act because current me can just NOT CRACK how to do them properly. I also really don’t like any product I have bought for my eyebrows and always buy it in the wrong colour as I keep changing my hair so currently I just use my eyeshadow (Urban Decay, Naked 2, I am a brand fiend) in the shade snakebite to fill them in and then go over it with my only good brow product which is   tinted gel from Hourglass and that more or less holds them in place.

IMG_2249.jpg   IMG_2250.jpg

Here is me as an egg concerned over my eyebrows because as usual, I fcked them up.


But also as usual I chose to PERSEVERE and IGNORE ALL PROBLEMS.


I didn’t take any pictures of me doing my eyeshadow because i am a bad beauty blogger but here is my eyeshadow palette which is Urban Decay Naked 4 the FIRE COLOURED ONE. Red eyeshadow is a look and I would recommend it to the crowd.

I also really like this eye shadow because it has a lot of matte colours as well as the sparkles so it is easier to get some depth and add lots of shading before coming it with some DARK RED GLITTER. Today I did a very classic me which was the two light browns and then lots of orange by mistake. A good tip and trick is to do your foundation and concealer after so you can clean up your mess. Concealer under the brows is also really good if you are a messy eyeshadow blender like me.

Post eye shadow (which I did not individually photograph sorry everyone) it is time for MASCARA my favourite product in the world. I use Too Face better than sex and it is  true to its name because I would consider celibacy for it – it’s really is that good.


I love u mascara. Sorry I didn’t photograph u :(.

AND THEN IT WAS time for concealer. which i normally apply a bit more conservatively but I was feeling myself so I went for a full face kind of approach. I use the born this way concealer from Too Face and I am still in mixed minds about the product. I think it is really good in that is generally really brightens and lightens my face A LOT but it is also really drying on the skin and difficult to blend in properly.

I definitely like it – but I don’t know if I have found my forever product the way that I have with the mascara.


IMG_2253.jpg  IMG_2254.jpg

Amazing. As you can see I now look like a lil ghost (and you can literally see how dry it is over my nose, also how shit my eyebrows are omg lmao) which means it is time for INSTANT GLOW with my favourite Aztec bronzer. This is my weirdest product because it’s by Ofra and you can only buy it from like 2 places but I am SO loyal to it. It really makes you a tanned little honey and it comes with the shiniest and pearliest highlight which makes your face GLOW and also doubles as a great eyeshadow (as seen on my eyes).

IMG_2257.jpg  IMG_2258.jpg


I apply it VERY LIBERALLY to literally my whole face except for a few #bright areas which my #concealer has lightened for me and now I AM TANNED AGAIN and also acquired earrings apparently.


Finally i spray myself with Urban Decay setting spray (which I did not photograph because I forgot) and I actually ended up applying some fun red lipstick which I think is actually a smash box shade. I really rate the smash box lipsticks, they all have a very smooth matte consistency which makes them easy to apply but also doesn’t crack on your lips (dry skin, dry lips, I am a dehydrated lizard) but the only pictures I took of me with lipstick is me looking emo and me two hours later post lunch and supermarket so I have decided to #bless you with both.

Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 12.31.47 AM.png  IMG_2265.jpg

wow amazing. a winning glowing girl.

That’s it for another year. Hope that when I look back over this at 24 I am humiliated by how much of an amateur I once was and I hope when I look back in the morning I am sad that I embarrassed myself with this post – but honestly I doubt it. I have a high tolerance for both being bad at makeup and for kind of humiliating myself on my blog lol.

Merry Boxing Day friends, love from zar xxx





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