Places I’ve Been

I have been to a few (two lol) random places in Auckland recently so I thought I would chuck up some pictures. Admittedly I also just haven’t written a proper post so this is all I had for you, sorry and much love xo Anawhata Beach

Travelling to: Vietnam (holiday 2015)

Last summer I was lucky enough to travel to Vietnam for a family holiday. Myself, my mum, step dad and step brother spent three weeks exploring everything that colourful little country had to offer. I found some of the pictures I had taken and thought I would chuck them up on here. Highlight: For me, the…

Invercargill (or the place I badly misjudged)

I fully intended to return from Invercargill and write a scathing and arrogant post about what a shit-hole it is. My ‘Guide to Invercargill,’ was going to tell you how bored I was, how grey and old and uninspiring I found it. Instead I went there and I fell in love